VA – Miami WMC 2014 Sampler (Perspectives Digital)

Perspectives Digital presents its first ever Winter Music Conference (WMC) Sampler. The storied Miami convention has long been a testing ground for the upcoming spring season’s biggest records.

French producer Chris Gavin makes his debut appearance on the label with ‘Kosetsu’. A regular contributor to Alola and SexOnWax, his contemporary brand of dubby techno has found favor with Laurent Garnier, Dave Seaman, and Nick Warren. ‘Kosetsu’ is deep, enchanting, and gets the sampler off to a great start. Chris’ rolling grooves are as intoxicating as ever with soulful musical themes that really hit the spot, making for one of his absolute best studio creations to date.

Perspectives label boss Darin Epsilon collaborates with fellow Los Angeles producer Jonty Pretzer aka DeeProgressV. The result of Darin and Jonty’s first studio collaboration is entitled ‘The Conclusion’ and is a gorgeously crafted melodic techno piece. As the track gets underway, the groove rolls forward with a momentous swing that is deeply mesmerizing. Drifting melodies and sweeping harmonics reach a melancholic peak and cast a haze of even deeper emotions that push the track to a tastefully elegant finale.

Hugo Ibarra & Uvo were two of 2013’s most talked about newcomers. The Mexican duo has each earned glowing support from Hernan Cattaneo for their solo studio efforts. For their Perspectives debut, Hugo and Uvo have collaborated on a special production entitled ‘Dismissed’. The effortless, hypnotic flow that these two are loved for is close to near perfection here. Glacial waves of mesmerizing rhythms and a complement of tough, driving beats make for a truly magical production that’s sure to win the hearts of many.

Australian producer JimiJ first appeared on Perspectives with a contribution to the label’s ‘ADE 2013 Sampler’. Clearly inspired by his time in Amsterdam during the annual conference, JimiJ’s ‘Trouw’ is named after the famous Dutch nightclub that has hosted many of dance music’s elite. The Aussie producer’s rock solid foundation lays down a powerful groove that’s sure to make waves on the dancefloor. Haunting vocal loops, dynamic builds, and an ever-evolving vortex of trippy melodies make for one of JimiJ’s boldest creations to date.

The final track on the sampler is provided by famous Lithuanian producer Kastis Torrau. After winning the ‘Sasha and Burn Studios’ remix competition and collaborating with the man himself, he is now renowned for his pristine sounding brand of electronic music. His tech house inspired production ‘Voyager’ and its dark underbelly of tough beats and growling synths casts an ominous tone early on. The dominant bass is perfectly accentuated with spooky vocal elements and a brooding atmospheric quality which provides an exhilarating climax, closing the sampler out on a very strong note.

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