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VA – Secret Reality Series Volume 2 (Stereo Paradise)

Tvardovsky’s Stereo Paradise launched its’ Secret Reality Series’ roughly a year ago. The first installment was a wide assortment of electronic, deep house and techno that all came with a unique melodic sound. Over the course of the last year Stereo Paradise has grown immensely and is currently one of our favourite labels. The last two releases from Reflection Soul and E-Spectro & Hells Kitchen remain on regular rotation at the Release Promo Offices so it was a huge treat for us when we received the promo for the labels newest release Volume Two of the Secret Reality Series. Once again Tvardovsky has done a marvellous job compiling this, it features tracks from: Arnim, Johan Ilves & Migiva, E-Spectro, Mehmet Akar, Hells Kitchen, Modum, Gvozdini, A’Skomoroh, KAGO DO, Progreg and Reflecting Symmetry.

Contemporary electronic fans will absolutely love the cuts from Arnim, E-Spectro, Modum, A. Skomoroh and Progreg as they all offer something quite unique and captivating. Progreg in particular has really delivered something special with ‘All People Out Of Range’ which is full of marching rhythms, twisted melodies and that crystalline processing that sounds nice and crunchy. E-Spectro’s ‘Luft’ comes with a wide array of melancholic lines and grungy bass lines which all blur together for a haunting masterpiece and A. Skomoroh’s ‘I Need You, Fear’ is a brooding, emotional work of art.
There’s a fine selection of more dance floor oriented material as well from: John Ilves & Migova, Hells Kitchen, Gvozdini and KAGO DO. Fans of Stereo Paradise are sure to be familiar with Hells Kitchen who have outdone themselves here once again with ‘Nothing But Fire’ which is full of all the brilliantly warped melodies we’ve come to expect from them. While Gvozdini who is well known for his productions on Denis A’s DAR label provides the most progressive oriented track on the compilation with the enchanting ‘Memories’.

The more techno, deep house and electronica style productions get broken up with breathtaking Chillout compositions from Mehmet Akar and Reflecting Symmetry. Mehmet’s ‘Sunflowers’ presents a lazy down tempo style groove that’s layered with poignant melodies and charming vocal samples while Reflecting Symmetry’s ‘Piano Roll’ closes the collection out with a minimal groove and rainy rain harmonies that feel like the perfect conclusion to the compilation.

Like we stated at the outset Stereo Paradise label manager Tvardovsky has done a marvellous job compiling this. The selection of music here is so varied but it all melds together incredibly well, this is one of the best compilations you’ll hear all year, Fully recommended. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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