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VA – Summertime (Asymmetric Recordings)

Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings reaches its 90th release this week and with that we see the label with a brand new exclusive sampler. The appropriately titled ‘Summertime’ features six brand new original productions from Big Show, Jordano, Criss Deeper, Romrez, Eli Amsalevski and Ilya Gerus that showcase some of the finest in laid back modern techno music.

All the selections here are exceptional in their own right; from the deep but punchy ‘Touch The Ground’ by Jordano to the techno inspired hypno grooves of Criss Deeper’s ‘Glittering Sky’. There is certainly a wide range of material to satisfy various parts of your set. The classic synth styling’s of ‘Manta’ by Romrez are irresistibly timeless and the tonal rhythms of Eli Amsalevski’s ‘Escape’ seem to complement them perfectly. The standout selections for me though are the tracks from Big Show and Ilya Gerus which bookend the collection.

The first track on the collection is provided by Big Show who is returning to Asymmetric after a nearly two year absence. The Israeli producer contributed to two of Asymmetric’s earlier compilations and also remixed Andrew McDonnell’s ‘Welcome To The Old West’ all of which were released from 2010-2012. Big Show’s latest is entitled ‘Underwater’ and it’s certainly one of his most deeply satisfying creations to date. The tracks airy, hypnotic rhythms and phasing vocal pads work in brilliant harmonic unison while the tough foundation adds just the right amount of dance floor sensibility to the piece. Waves of clattering percussion and a grinding electronic underbelly drive the mesmerizing rhythms all through the second half and on to a tasteful but exhilarating conclusion. Outstanding work from Big Show.

The final track on the collection comes from Ilya Gerus who is making his first appearance on Asymmetric Recordings. Dedicated progressive house fans will certainly be familiar with Ilya’s first production moniker Ilya Deep. Over the course of his two year production career the Russian producer notched almost 50 entries on his discography which included appearances on: LuPS Records, Electronic Tree and Stripped Digital. As 2013 drew to a close Ilya dropped the ‘Deep’ alias in favour of his given name Ilya Gerus. He has gotten 2014 off to a great start with his new production moniker and has already appeared on System Recordings, Baroque Records, Liquid Grooves and LuPS Records. Ilya’s contribution to ‘Summertime’ is entitled ‘The Sands of Time’ which puts a deep and soulful cap on the collection that couldn’t be any more appropriate. Lonya has always had impeccable taste in music but he’s really out done himself with the selections on this collection. It’s an amazing listen from start to finish and all should provide some memorable dance floor moments in the coming months. I’ll be curious to see if any of these see their own individual releases with new remixes. Only time will tell I suppose. Highly Recommended.

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