VA – Unique Series III (Golden Wings Music)

Golden Wings Music returns this week with a brand new instalment of their acclaimed ‘Unique Series’.

The critically acclaimed VA collection launched the label in May of 2014 and it set a high precedent in the process. Now after some time away and a renewed focus Golden Wings returns for their first release of 2017 and the third edition of the ‘Unique Series’. Featured on the collection are Sebastian Markiewicz, Silinder, RPO, East Cafe, Kosmas, Dmitry Molosh and John Joseph & WCross.

The release begins with Sebastian Markiewicz who is making his second appearance on the label. Perhaps best known for his releases on John Digweed’s Bedrock records the Polish born, UK based artist has also contributed excellent music to Baroque Records, Sound Avenue and Pro-B-Tech Records. Here he delivers a top production entitled ‘Utopia’ to kick the release off. Sebastian’s tracks always come from a techno inspired place and so does this but with an undercurrent of warn melodic motifs. It’s a gorgeous piece that gets the release off to a fabulous start.

Next up long time progressive house fan favourite Silinder makes his return to Golden Wings following a remix of LOM’s ‘Drops’ from April of 2015. The Irish artist’s latest is entitled ‘Mozaic’ and the DJ feedback had already been incredibly strong. Definitely coming in deeper and dubbier than what many have to come expect from Silinder this sits as the ultimate late night jam. Warped, druggy sounds wrap around his signature swing heavy framework before some lovely harmonic elements lift the mood into an even trippier, yet fascinating place.

No stranger to progressive house fans old or new is RPO otherwise known as Rick Pier O’Neil. The French artist is making his label debut following a string of excellent productions for Balkan Connection, Proton Music and Pro-B-Tech Records. His contribution here comes under his little used RPO alias and brings more of his deep, techy magic. Devilishly hypnotic the track flows with a smooth cadence early. What follows however, is both ominous and hopeful as dark pads hover above before a more celestial light shines on the piece. Distinctive vocals add more fuel to the rhythmic fire as the third act progresses and ultimately closes the record out quite strong. 

East Cafe has been a primary contributor to Golden Wings over the years and now makes his fourth appearance. The Hungarian artist first appeared on the Argentinean imprint with a remix of Nikko.Z’s ‘Cunacolo’ which was released in December of 2014. Two additional originals have appeared since along with great releases on Northern Lights and Outta Limits this year. Here East Cafe presents his latest original entitled ‘A Lullaby for an Insomniac’ which comes in as one of his most melancholic creations to date. Delightfully melodic but with hints of hope and despair fighting each other throughout the piece. It certainly comes from a unique, emotional place and it’s percussive core makes it great for the dance floor as well.

Making his label debut is Kosmas who long time progressive house fans will also know as Kosmas Epsilon. Adopting the abbreviated alias for deeper productions he delivers a true beauty here in ‘Liquid’. His recent outings for Dopamine Music, ICONYC, Movement Recordings and Perspectives Digital have all been fantastic and this more than follows suit. Surely the deepest and most minimal production on the release it shows just how versatile an artist he is. From its laid back, lazy groove to distinctive percussion and some incredible vocal edits there is a lot to like. The break brings a bit more emotion without losing an ounce of groove before getting washed away in favour of newfound rhythms and that grinding core which carries the track home.

Over the last two years it would be hard to think of a progressive house artist who has broken out more than Dmitry Molosh. The Belarus based producer and Hernan Cattaneo favourite has now graced the legendary artists Sudbeat Music imprint along with Cid Inc’s Replug Records. His tight, crunchy sound is perfect for a variety of dance floors and his latest entitled ‘Marathon’ comes in as one of his most epic creations to date. Thick bass stabs and chuggy rhythms get the track off to an auspiciously deep start but the progression is quite astounding. Slowly and expertly building into an all out melodic anthem, with phasing vocals, big chord changes and layer upon layer of melody and texture. Big time stuff from Dmitry. 

The release concludes with John Joseph teaming with Golden Wings Music owner Walter Cross under his Wcross alias. The duo have not worked together before but own a collective discography with appearances on 3rd Avenue, Balkan Connection South America and Stripped Recordings. First time collaborations are always exciting and this one has delivered a groovy and somewhat tripped out progressive house track. Built around a sturdy framework the duo work hazy atmospheres and mystical textures into the mix, ultimately carrying into the break. Tense and beautiful all at once, the track’s centrepiece proves to be a highlight with intriguing vocal elements getting lost in a kaleidoscopic swirl of harmony and texture. A great first colab from John and Walter which closes out a much welcome return for Golden Wings Music in style. Don’t miss it. 


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