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VA – We Are The Future (Summer ’13) (3rd Avenue)

Sound Avenue’s 3rd Avenue imprint continues on a torrid production pace and this week sees their first compilation release. 3rd Avenue’s parent Sound Avenue and Crossfade Sounds have already had great success with their respective compilation series and by the sounds of 3rd Avenue’s first installment they are well on their way to building yet another solid underground imprint. Their ‘We Are The Future’ compilation features a wide range of both familiar and up and coming talent who have delivered some of their finest studio creations to date. Lautaro Varela, Alberto Sainz, Eze Ramirez, Constan, Jaksa Pavicevic, Ivo Stoilov & DJ Borra, Mark Mills, AMAN, Jonatan Ramonda and Greger & dFarmaki all make wonderful contributions to this burgeoning new series from 3rd Avenue.

Lautaro Varela returns to 3rd Avenue to lead the release off in fine style. The Argentinean producer’s ‘Downing Street’ was released on the label just last month and would have to be considered the crowning achievement of his career thus far. Lautaro’s ‘The Lonely Forest’ gets the collection of to a great start with a moody vibe that sets a great atmosphere. The production carries a lot of pop and the flowing melodic lines which build throughout are tantalizing to say the least. It’s not at all surprising that this piece has also performed well in our overall Hype Chart and has Hernan Cattaneo’s seal of approval.

Italian producer Alberto Sainz makes his 3rd Avenue debut and provides the next track entitled ‘Lights Out’. An atmospheric piece that still packs some serious punch. Waves of laser like textures build endlessly towards a simply magnificent break. Oceanic samples combined with youthful voices and a glassy hypnotic backdrop make for a truly enthralling moment that we rate as one of the best we’ve heard this year. One of the top tracks on the compilation for us.

Eze Ramirez has become a staple on the Sound Avenue collective of labels. The Argentinean producer was discovered by the Sound Avenue crew and has been delivering inspiring work all throughout 2013. His contribution here is entitled ‘Nekhael’ and would certainly be his most haunting sounding construction to date. The softly textured harmonic stabs are simply breath-taking and the surrounding psychedelia is eerily inviting. This is a track with that extra something special, not something you listen to and forget about 5 minutes later. Those haunting keys hang with you for a while and should have a huge impact when setting the mood of your dance floor.

One of the brightest up and comers from Mexico is next on the collection. Constan’s deep tech house productions have been impressing us since we first heard him on LuPS Records in 2012. The tough beats of ‘Reflections’ will certainly provide some nice energy and his trademark atmospherics are always tantalizing to say the least. This one ranks right up there with ‘Moments’ and ‘Ballistic’ which are two of our favourites from him.

Next up is the man behind the ‘A Must Have’ imprint Croatian producer Jaksa Pavicevic. His ‘To Keep Walking’ comes with a chugging groove that’s well complemented with swirling hypnotics and bubbly electronics which carry some fantastic texture. The cool thing here is how much funk the bass stabs add to the groove and in combination with a killer middle section that’s full of some lovely modulation you’ve got a wicked cut from Jaksa.

The shuffling grooves of Ivo Stoilov & DJ Borra’s ‘Fish In The Sea’ is next and it’s adds a unique tribal twist to the compilation. The chanting vocals are incredibly catchy and the unique stabs add such a wonderful rhythmic flow to the proceedings. This broadens the scope of the collection a fair bit as a track like this could be an absolute bomb for a wide spectrum of house DJs.

Newcomer Mark Mills makes his 3rd Avenue debut next and provides his latest studio production entitled ‘Swimming Ghosts’. Mark’s catchy groove is a welcome addition here and provides some energy as the compilation nears its conclusion. A warm bassy foundation sits to the heart of the record and gives it a big presence immediately. The rolling groove is well complemented with some character filled synths which make for some very cool hooks. It’s a very heavy sounding production for the most part but there are sections of lovely atmosphere which drift in and out of the piece that provide some great contrast. Solid production from Mark.

Next up is AMAN who just scored a massive release on Deersky’s Soundteller Records. The Indian producer’s deep and enchanting sound has not only graced the Soundteller imprint but also Balkan Connection, OLD SQL, Stellar Fountain, Vise Versa and Elliptical Sun. Here he provides ‘Cosmic Jungle’ which is another excursion into the mesmerizing sounds that he is loved for. The delicate sounding keys dance about with a cool vibrancy and the skippy groove keeps the rhythms nice and bouncy. AMAN’s breakdowns are also heavenly and this one is no exception with his lovely moods and atmospheres creating a surreal environment that’s perfect for the radio waves.

Another well known Argentinean is up next and is also making his debut on 3rd Avenue. Jonatan Ramonda has been on the progressive house scene for several years now and has amassed an impressive discography which includes releases on Mistique, Balkan Connection, Stereo Paradise, Stellar Fountain and OLD SQL. His ‘As A Koi Fish’ goes down as one of the moodiest pieces on the package. Dark undertones get interlaced with clattering hits and some tension filled tones for a subtly building composition that really hits the spot.

The compilation concludes with Greger & dFarmaki’s ‘Estate’. This is the Greek duo’s first collaboration together and they’ve constructed a gorgeous track to close out the compilation. The grooves are silky smooth and the hypnotic elements are first rate as well but what really sticks with you is the ethereal sounding vocal pads which get dropped in during the middle portion. Full of gut wrenching emotion and a really haunting vibe they just make the track for us. Like we said at the outset, if this compilation is anything to go by 3rd Avenue looks to have an amazing crop of electronic music talent at its finger tips and we can’t wait to see what the coming months have in store. If you’re not following this label then you are missing out on the future stars of electronic music. A Highly Recommended collection from 3rd Avenue. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 10

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