Various Artists – ADE 2014 Sampler (Sleepless Nights Recordings)

The latest release on Sleepless Nights Recordings finds Soulfinder and Vincent Furlong presenting the labels first ever ADE compilation.

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The annual Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is one of our industry’s biggest club festival’s. The nearly weeklong event is showcase to over 2000 artists and puts the spotlight on a wide variety of cutting edge electronic genres. The 2014 rendition is rapidly approaching and our friends at Sleepless Nights Recordings have compiled their first ever ADE Sampler. The Irish duo behind the label Soulfinder and Vincent Furlong have spent the last several months compiling and mixing the project. Featured on the inaugural collection are Steve McGrath, Yuriy From Russia, Soulfinder, Shane Robinson, AudioStorm, Vorobiev, Vincent Furlong, Andromedha, Avende, Gary Delaney and Qoob.

When sitting down to listen to a 12 track compilation you hope for a bit of flow and sensible programming even if it’s not mixed. The Sleepless Nights boys have certainly taken this into account as the collection opens with Steve McGrath’s Score of Jor Messina ‘Warships’. The uniquely tailored piece of percussive electronica is a real joy to listen to and carries just the right amount of anticipatory vibes without ruining is gleaming beauty. Next is a new remix of AudioStorm’s ‘Million Faces’ which was the 21st release on the label back in June of this year. The highly prolific Yuriy From Russia has added his trademark smooth touch for what results in a wonderful atmospheric groover. There’s a lot happening here but it all melds together quite well. From the sweeping vocal pads to effervescent synths there’s some dance floor magic waiting on this one. Following that we have one of the Sleepless Nights bosses Stephen Hogg aka Soulfinder with a brand new original entitled ‘Snow Blind’. It’s a rare event that we get a new original from the Irish producer so it’s a delight to see this here. Soulfinder’s got a real knack for crafting liquid smooth grooves and delicate melodic themes. ‘Snow Blind’ is a strong representation of Stephen’s most loved studio hallmarks, from its warm, hypnotic groove to sparkling lead melodies and blissful approach it’s certainly one of the standouts here and would be quite fitting as a near end of the night record.

Next up is one of two brand new originals from AudioStorm which are included here. ‘Chasing Voices’ flows quite nicely from where ‘Snow Blind’ left off. It’s airy, hypnotic construction is near perfect and the vocal elements add great character. Ultimately though it’s the subtle melodic theme which fully materializes during the break which is most captivating. These cloud-like lines are enchanting to say the least and set up a great finish to the record as well. Following that we have the Vorobiev Remix of ‘Shape Shifted’ by Filter Cutz which was originally released on Toes In The Sand almost a year and a half ago. Aside from the fact that it’s a very strong track I would guess it’s been included here because it also fits perfectly in to the mix. It’s strong, elastic-like bass line is certainly made for a dance floor and the lead stabs are incredibly striking. It delivers a distinct sense that the collection is building towards something and the energy levels are constantly going up. The sixth selection comes from Shane Robinson who is returning to Sleepless Nights for his third appearance. The Irish producer’s recent ‘Dublin’ collaboration with Biologik was one of the labels highlights this year and ‘Lost’ included here is one of the most club worthy tracks on the collection. It’s swing heavy groove and mesmerizing piano stabs carry a lot of weight and the spine tingling break is the icing on the cake.

As the collection reaches its halfway point we get what is one of the showcase pieces. Fittingly it comes from the Sleepless Nights owners Soulfinder and Vincent Furlong. The track entitled ‘Chasing Voices’ features the gorgeous vocals of Jacqueline Bierk and although it might not be a big club record it’s inner beauty is quite strong. The expertly layered vocals are filled with heart wrenching emotion and the unassuming groove really allows them to be the showcase point early on. As the track builds and weaves its way through several smooth transitions you discover so many other intricate elements that all contribute to its overall magic. A somewhat unassuming but very special record from Soulfinder and Vincent Furlong. That leads perfectly into the Andromedha remix of ‘Thirty’ by Robert R. Hardy which again carries some gorgeous vocal elements. Beautifully processed the chopped up vocals really remind me of Clanger ‘Seadog’ which is a very old Platipus record and the use of them as sustained tones during the break is quite magical. Next up is Avende’s ‘Raindrops’ which captures that quintessential progressive vibe that Sleepless Nights seems to showcase so well. This is another one from the Toes in the Sand catalog and it carries that old school sensibility quite well. For anyone that was a fan of Limbo records back in the day I would bet you’ll enjoy this and it works as a great piece to setup the remaining quarter of the collection.

Next is one of Ireland’s top up and coming talents and given that he has already been signed to John OO Fleming’s JOOF label I’m not sure how up and coming he actually is. Gary Delaney has now appeared on JOOF six times and also has Mistique Music and OLD SQL recordings on his discography. At just 18 years old he’s already accomplished a lot and I’m sure there is much more to come. His contribution here is the tastefully melodic piece ‘Elysium’ which shows a nice departure from some of his more up-tempo stuff. The second to final track comes from Qoob who are no stranger to Sleepless Nights. The Russian duo have already delivered two remix productions for the label and here they have their first original entitled ‘Empire’. The two producers which make up the Qoob duo have very diverse musical interests and it certainly shows in the variety of music which comes out of their studio. A look over their discography shows some melodic techno inspired creations as well as more traditional progressive house offerings. On ‘Empire’ we get the latter and it’s likely one of Qoob’s strongest progressive house productions yet. The big beefed up drums are very powerful, the sweeping harmonies quite emotive and wispy vocals delightfully trippy. It brings the collection to what would have to be its ultimate peak and what an exhilarating one it is. The final selection and second offering from AudioStorm entitled ‘Earth Needs More Love’ brings things down nicely and allows for an introspective look back in a way. It’s certainly a fitting closer and is one of the most emotional creations on the release. It leaves you with a great feeling of what you’ve just listened to and also shows AudioStorm at this best. I don’t know how Sleepless Nights do it but they definitely capture some timeless progressive magic on each release and they’ve done it here again with a smashing first compilation. Let’s hope it becomes an annual thing. Highly Recommended.

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