Various Artists- Just Summer Volume 1 (Just Movement)

Label boss Alexisphere presents Just Movement’s first ever exclusives compilation just in time for the summer season.

Just Movement

It’s been an impressive first half of 2015 for the Dutch imprint. Now 15 releases old Just Movement has built up a great following in the underground and are now mainstays in Beatport’s progressive house chart. The label now presents its first ever compilation entitled ‘Just Summer’ which includes new music from: Rogier & Stage Van H, Stergios, Mariano Monotori, Julian Rodriguez, Some Little Things, BP & Sean Mc Caff, Monojoke, Zweiliner and Alejandro Manso.

The collection begins with Just Movement label artists Rogier & Stage Van H and their latest studio creation ‘Walk Away’. As an ideal opening piece it’s a groovy, downtempo nature is immediately inviting. Warm bass tones, lush vocal elements and strong musicality build throughout which leads nicely into a new take on ‘Regeneration’ by Stergios. The ‘Stereo Summer’ mix brings those unmistakable hooks and enchanting vocals to life one more time. It’s floaty drive picks the vibe and mood up nicely before Mariano Montori’s ‘Everybody Lies’ brings a tougher, trippier quality to the collection. Sparkling keys dance with calculated abandon over the Argentine’s tough and groovy foundation. The main break furthers it’s beauty as the electronic delicacies further delights the senses. The third act brings the stomping groove back and leads perfecting into ‘Pantano Grande’ by Julian Rodriguez.

The Argentinean producer and Massive Harmony label boss has been hot this year with releases on SexOnWax and System Recordings. ‘Pantano Grande’ is perfectly tailored to Just Movement’s sound with its timeless melodies and warm, spacious groove. Sweeping effects and delicate motifs make for a goosebump worthy conclusion which your dance floor will certainly appreciate. Wonderful work from Julian.

Staying in Argentina the Some Little Things production duo is next with ‘War’. Fresh off releases on Hope Recordings and Dopamine Music Some Little Things are one of the most hotly tipped names of the moment. ‘War’ continues that great momentum with a full, driving groove and quirky acid-like hooks. An enchanting mallet motif lifts the vibe even higher as the piece builds and makes for a breathtaking conclusion.

Next up is BP and Sean McCaff with ‘We Are Stars’. This Belgium / Netherlands colab proves to be one of the biggest tracks on the collection with its full diving groove, esoteric vocals and timeless rhythmic themes. Big shimmering synths and fresh electronics bring an effervescent glow to the middle section and a quirky third act makes for a rousing conclusion. Brilliant work from BP and Sean.

The energy continues to rise with Monojoke’s ‘Crimson’ which finds the Polish producer with more of his pure progressive house vibes. A funk infused groove and strong lead melodies make it ideal for peak time and his now trademark mind bending middle section is the icing on the cake. As the collection reaches its peak Zweiliner’s ‘Waveform’ takes it a notch higher with a liquid-like groove and timeless chordal themes. Poppy electronics add mightily to the framework and its silky smooth third act perfectly sets up the collection’s final offering from Alejandro Manso.

Much talked about already in 2015 the Mexican producer continues to impress here with his latest ‘Without Calories’. It’s slow burning, hypno groove and introspective hooks are perfect for a clued dance floor or the discernible listener. A short, tripped out break ups the tension before a stripped back portion of the groove returns for an exhilarating conclusion. A wonderful track from Alejandro which caps off Just Movement’s first ever exclusives compilation in fine style. A perfect soundtrack for your summer, don’t miss it.

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