Various Artists – One (Quaint Records)

New label Quaint Records releases their debut compilation featuring King Unique, Luis Junior, Sonic Union and more!

Quaint Records

Every now and then a new label emerges which peaks the curiosity of the electronic music community. Music imprints come and go in today’s volume heavy market and ultimately it’s the few that stand for quality and consistency which stand the test of time. With its constitution and unique essence, newly formed Quaint Records is one such imprint. Putting its focus on the high-end EP and compilation market this global outlet will be a new source for cutting edge electronic music. With a selective crew hand picking tracks for each edition it’s sure it be an intriguing journey on each and every release.

The labels first offering aptly titled ‘One’ finds Quaint Records going into the depths of progressive techno with a selection of tracks from some of today’s brightest stars. It’s a collection that’s sure to hold many great memories for a wide range of electronic music fans. Featured on this heavy first release are: Lonya and Graziano Raffa, Tim Penner, Amber Long, Kassey Voorn, Big Al, Facundo Mohrr, Pete McCarthey, Darin Epsilon, Cid Inc, Oscar Vazquez, Sonic Union, Dark Sol Project, Rich Curtis, Gai Barone, Andre Sobota, King Unique, Suffused, Silinder, MUUI and Luis Junior. It’s an auspicious beginning for Quaint Records and one which sets a high precedent for future releases. Let’s see what comes next!

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