Various Artists – Spring Sampler 2015 (3rd Avenue)

3rd Avenue returns with the Spring Edition of their Various Artists Sampler Series.

3rd Avenue

It’s become a quarterly tradition not only for 3rd Avenue but also their parent Sound Avenue imprint. These mini compilation EPs have become highly anticipated, not only for the chance at discovering a new artist with a sound that inspires you but perhaps for a glimpse at a future 3rd Avenue single. As usual label A&R Madloch has waded through a pile of demos and selected four standout cuts from: Pablo Cetrini, Paul Deep, Tim Robert and Fiddler.

The release begins with Pablo Cetrini who is making his third appearance on 3rd Avenue. Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina Pablo began his production career on Mistique Music in December of last year. The EP contained the Hernan Cattaneo supported ‘Pleasure’ which was played on the radio by the storied DJ. Pablo then delivered a two track EP for 3rd Avenue to start the year and has just recently had a new production of his featured by Nick Warren on his friskyRadio ‘Soundgarden’ show. Pablo’s contribution here ‘Drive’ features more of his wonderful progressive vibes. It’s powerful, yet spacious groove and musical motifs are a deadly combination. There’s an amazing story being told here, one which builds to haunting third act that is sure to make your hairs stand on end. Wonderful work from Pablo.

The EP’s second selection is provided by Fiddler who is making his fourth appearance on 3rd Avenue. The Hungarian producer has been busy this year with an EP out on Spring Tube Limited and a single for Pineapple Digital. Fiddler’s contribution here ‘The Unknown River’ features more of the deep, enchanting sounds we’ve come to expect from him. A laid back groove provides a nice foundation while soft pads and warm textural rhythms carry a cool floaty ambiance. The main break adds even more mystique with long gaseous sweeps and fascinating vocal elements carrying the track on to an amazing conclusion. Excellent production from Fiddler.

The EPs third selection is provided by Tim Robert who is making his first appearance on 3rd Avenue. The US producer / DJ has been a long time fixture of New York City nightlife. Tim began DJing live in 2009 and had his first track released in 2010 through Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music. That track ‘Panodrama’ was one of the standouts on the labels Volume 004 exclusives compilation and it lead to a single and remixes for LuPS Records in 2012. 2014 saw Tim with the busiest production schedule of his career with the release of his ‘Big Dream in Blue’ through Shane’s Jetlag Digital imprint along with remixes for Abstract Space Recordings, Jetlag Digital and Massive Harmony Records. Tim’s contribution to the sampler is ‘Talking With You’ and it marks his first production of 2015. Tim’s big, round production sound has become unmistakable and it’s on display here once again. Following a smooth DJ friendly intro the energy rises quickly with wicked vocal loops and vibrant rhythms, this rush of electricity sets up the introduction of a big, burly bass line perfectly, which is sure to be a great moment on the dance floor. Tim’s always had a way with crafting timeless lead themes and he’s done it here again with a floaty top line which seems to rise exponentially as the break approaches. Smooth chord changes up the emotional content as the track reaches the main break, where the vocal elements develop further into something very underworld-esque. The dreamy nature of the break definitely takes you away cause when that bass line drops in it the groove sounds twice as massive, which propels the track to a pretty epic conclusion. Another beautiful written progressive production from Tim with the timeless qualities we’ve come to expect from him.

Closing the collection out is Paul Deep who is making his first appearance on 3rd Avenue. The Argentinean producer began his production career in January of 2013 with his ‘12.12 EP’, released courtesy of Wild Things Box Records. A string of releases for the Buenos Aires based label soon followed before he appeared on OLD SQL Recordings and Stellar Fountain this year. Paul’s latest ‘Gateway To Heaven’ comes with a deep and groovy sound which definitely draws on his influences of Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren. Rich atmospheres combined with trippy electronics and dubby rhythms make for great mood setting vibes and the complement of pixie-like keys add a wonderful musical quality, particularly during the break which is quite lovely. Great stuff from Paul Deep who you’ll be hearing a lot more from in the near future. Great collection from 3rd Avenue which takes us into the Spring Season with some awesome music.

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