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Various Artists – Spring Sampler 2015 (Sound Avenue)

The latest installment of Sound Avenue’s seasonal sampler series is here and features new music from: The Florist, Michael A & Dmitry Molosh, Savvas, Giddyhead and Audiostorm.

Sound Avenue

Sound Avenue’s seasonal samplers have become a highly anticipated release from the Belgian imprint. These quarterly collections showcase a wide range of styles and sounds from some of the labels regular artists along with a few specially selected newcomers. The Spring 2015 Edition looks to be one of Sound Avenue’s strongest yet and includes tracks from The Florist, Michael A & Dmitry Molosh, Savvas, Giddyhead and Audiostorm.

Sound Avenue kicks the sampler off by welcoming The Florist to the label. Robert Palliser aka The Florist hails from New York, USA and began his production career in September of 2013 with an appearance on Baroque’s Exit Ibiza compilation. 2014 was highlighted by a string of releases for Round Triangle which ultimately led to Robert’s first EP for the label in February of this year. The Florist’s contribution to Sound Avenue’s Sampler is entitled ‘Cool Water’ and it gets the collection off to a great start. Robert’s tough beats and moody overtones create an engaging first act which sets the stage for a unique selection of motifs. The first a bell-like lead with a discernible wobble which is followed by sleek harmonic sheets which dominate the main break. A fabulous production from The Florist and no doubt the best of his young career. 

The Sampler’s second selection comes from Michael A and Dmitry Molosh who are returning to the label for their fourth appearance. The Belarus based pair are firmly entrenched in the new deep progressive movement and have continued to shine with releases on Clinique Recordings and Movement Recordings. Their latest studio production ‘Fragments’ offers more expertly tailored dance floor grooves. The duos crisp beats and engaging atmosphere is instantly alluring; and as a quirky band of electronics fades into the mix you can feel another amazing club construction taking shape. Waves of percussion and smooth textural hooks carry the track through its first act before a shimmering complement of pads initiation the first break. Mysterious vocal stabs and an ever growing atmosphere make for a celestial mood as the record reaches its blissful peak. Michael and Dmitry have crafted countless amazing records over the last few years but this outweighs them all. Gorgeous work from the Belarus duo.

The EP’s third selection welcomes another new addition to the Sound Avenue roster by the name of Savvas. Born in Chicago but now based in Greece, Savvas has been crafting his deep and enchanting grooves for over fifteen years. His nearly 25 years behind the decks have served him well as his productions are always uniquely tailored for today’s contemporary dance floors. ‘Grayscale Outlines’ is Savvas’ contribution to the sampler and it presents all those dubby, late qualities that many electronic music fans have come to love about his productions. Backed by a warm, spacious groove and mesmerizing rhythms the track presents an alluring vibe straight away. Mysterious atmospheres, washed out vocals and a piano-like lead carry the track into the main break. The dimly lit interlude builds an understated tension which should prove ideal for back rooms and the groovy conclusion is sure to lift your dance floor a few notches higher.

The Sampler’s fourth selection is provided by Giddyhead who is returning to the label for his third appearance. The Argentinean producer has been a member of the Sound Avenue collective since his first appearance on Crossfade Sounds in November of 2013. His Sound Avenue debut came in the form of a remix for Or Weisinger which was released in April of 2014. ‘There Came’ (included here) marks Giddyhead’s first original production for the label and it showcases his studio skills at their cutting edge best. Warm textured beat patterns along with rolling rhythms and a lovely bell theme make for an enchanting journey; and the uniqueness of the groove makes it ideal for those clued up dance floors. Brilliant stuff from Giddyhead which has already been played by Hernan Cattaneo on his hugely popular Resident radioshow.

The EP’s fifth and final selection is provided by AudioStorm who is making his first appearance on Sound Avenue. Hailing from Montenegro Ognjen Vukovic aka Audiostorm had the best year of his career in 2014. An appearance on Beat Syndrome’s ‘Protocol’ collection (courtesy of Baroque Records) was flanked with key releases on System Recordings and 3rd Avenue. His contribution to the sampler is entitled ‘Universal Knowledge’ and it rounds the collection out with a laid back electronica vibe that is absolutely gorgeous. Broken beats combined with spacey designs and subtle harmonic shifts create a blissful vibe and the lead piano motif is the icing on the cake. Wonderful production from AudioStorm which rounds out another great entry in Sound Avenue’s Seasonal Sampler series. Don’t miss it.

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