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Various Artists – Summer Aesthetics (Asymmetric Recordings)

Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings returns with a brand new 3 track VA sampler entitled ‘Summer Aesthetics’.

Summer Aesthetics Asymmetric Recordings

It’s been a strong year for the Israeli imprint; EP’s from Audio Junkies and Nick Varon have been highlights while the remainder of the year looks to be even stronger. The labels latest sampler EP comes just in time for the Summer season and features new music from Antrim, Tash & Uvo and Dar & Dor.

The release gets under way with Antrim who is making his second appearance on Asymmetric Recordings. Much like the Israeli imprint the Argentinean producer has had a sensational year thus far. Releases on Classound Recordings and System Recordings have been the highlights and his contribution here ‘The Elvish Feeling’ is on point once again. It begins with a deep and enchanting quality which the warm atmospheric backdrop enhances perfectly. Long sweeps and fuzzy electronics adorn the groove before several subtle motifs add further elegance to the track. These heavenly accents provide a wonderful narrative which gets further explored in the break and ultimately leads the track to blissfully laid back conclusion. Classy sounding stuff from Antrim.

The second selection comes from Tash and Uvo with their brand new collaboration entitled ‘Enosis’. Hailing from Greece and Mexico respectively this is Tash and Uvo’s first ever production together and the results are quite spectacular. As the track gets underway the beat patterns immediately stand out along with a smooth hypnotic overlay. As distinctive rhythms get added into mix the groove tightens and the momentum begins to grow. The dubby qualities and chuggy drive are the stars of the show here and should make for a killer late night bomb. Great stuff from Tash and Uvo, keep a look out for the original version coming sometime later this year on Asymmetric.

The third and final selection is provided by Dar and Dor who are making their first appearance on Asymmetric Recordings. Chico Shoshan & Liran Partush hail from Israel and together make up the Dar & Dor production duo. They first arrived on the scene in May of last year with a release on Tash’s Movement Recordings and have since appeared on Lowbit Records, Magic Room and Contrast Records. For their Asymmetric debut Dar & Dor have remixed Qoob’s ‘First In Space’, the original of which was first released on the labels ‘ADE 2014’ Sampler. The tech prog crossover style tune seems perfect for Dar & Dor and they’ve done a great job on the remix here. It’s quite a mysterious sounding intro with lots of nu deep house electronics and well sculpted beats adding the majority of the intrigue. Once the meticulous groove picks up a storyboard of indistinct harmonies and vocal samples opens the sonic envelope further. Shimmering keys carry the track into the main break (which is quite brief) where the vocals intensify and ultimately set up the return of the groove which builds to a dreamy conclusion. An amazing remix from Dar & Dor and in my opinion the best production of their career thus far. Outstanding release from Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings and you’ll no doubt be hearing some or all of these in the coming months.

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