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Various Artists – Unique Series II (Golden Wings Music)

The latest release on Golden Wings Music finds the label showcasing the second volume of its Unique Series.

Various Artists - Unique Series II

The inaugural edition of the exclusives compilation series launched the label back in May of 2014. It quickly put the newly formed Argentinean imprint on the map with a release that featured new music from Nikko.Z, Scotty.A, Marc Poppcke and more. Now a year and a half later the label presents volume two of the series which features new music from Madloch, East Cafe, Lucas Rossi, MUUI, Michael A, Oscar Vazquez and Simos Tagias. 

Much like the first edition, Golden Wings has managed to select some of the individual artists most interesting music for the collection. It begins with Madloch’s ‘Aquafaba’ which finds the Belgian producer and Sound Avenue label boss delivering a clever melodic techno piece. Anchored by a tough kick, growling bass tones and strong metallic hooks the first act builds wonderfully towards a dramatic main break. Madloch does a masterful job at slowly bringing up the drama here with subtle modulation and a gently rising atmospheric haze. Definitely one of the Belgian artist’s biggest sounding productions to date and also one which has won the approval of John Digweed. Don’t miss it!

Next up is East Cafe who has appeared on Golden Wings in the past on two occasions. Once delivering a remix for Nikko.Z’s ‘Cunacolo’ and also with his ‘No Need To Hide’ single, released in January of this year. Here the Hungarian producer and Time Capsule label boss has contributed his latest studio work ‘Higher Than Ever’ which features some of his most loved production hallmarks. In a year that has already seen East Cafe earn chart and radio support from Hernan Cattaneo he seems to be on a continual rise as ‘Higher Than Ever’ sounds as mature and polished as ever. It’s tightly constructed groove is packed with energy and drive while an ominous textural overlay does wonders for balancing the whole production out. It’s tonal themes are a rhythmic dream and a stripped down second act proves to be the ideal transition for some third act acid. Beautiful work from East Cafe and one of his all time best I’d say.

The collections third track is supplied by Lucas Rossi who is making his first appearance on the label. Hailing from Argentina, Lucas began his production career just over a year ago with a release on Suffused Music, while 2015 has seen Lucas add 3rd Avenue, Seven Spirits and System Recordings to his discography. His most recent work, a remix of Tuxedo’s ‘Standing In The Rain’ was gorgeous and his contribution here ‘A Part of Myself’ is equally appealing. Lucas has always has a knack for creating these sparkling atmospheric themes and he does that here again along with a very soulful vocal wail, which dominates during the main break. There’s a definite air of mystery and intrigue locked in this track and the smooth chord changes seem to push all the right emotional buttons, making it a definite winner for the underground progressive house community. 

The fourth selection on the Series finds MUUI making his debut with ‘Black Bird’. The Berlin based producer is fresh off the release of his five track ‘Aiuh’ EP for Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music and also contributed to Crossfrontier Audio’s special 4 year anniversary release. MUUI’s ‘Black Bird’ is one of the highlights of the compilation for me, it’s exquisitely contoured grooves and meticulous production qualities are just a pleasure to listen to. An effortless hypnotic cadence along with several meandering motifs carries it nicely and it avoids any big moments which it’s all the better for. A classy sounding production from MUUI.

Next up we have Michael A making his Golden Wings Music debut with ‘Phantom Pain’. The Belarus based artist and Genesis Music label owner just had one of his recent productions featured in a Guy J and Guy Mantzur back to back Ibiza set and has enjoyed radio and chart support from Hernan Cattaneo all through 2015. He’s been one of this year’s breakout and also most prolific producers. His contribution here ‘Phantom Pain’ turns out to be really cool as well. The breakdown proves to be the most intriguing portion of the track with a variety of clustered motifs spiralling through the atmospheric haze before a vibrant section of keys reignites those bouncy beats for a great finish. Definitely one of Michael’s best this year and on par with the aforementioned ‘Education’. 

The Sampler’s sixth selection finds Oscar Vazquez making his label debut with ‘Midnight Trip’. The Spanish artist has been quiet this year with his lone production being a remix of Alex O’Rion’s ‘New Toys’ released courtesy of Univack Records in May. He recently offered his ‘Ushuaia’ production as a free download which was excellent and he’s turned in a similarly great track here in ‘Midnight Trip.’ Coming in as one of the bigger sounding pieces on the compilation it brings some sizable energy at the outset. Anchored by a galloping bass line, trails of filtered noise and strong hypnotic rhythms drive the piece forward. Following a brief break, Oscar builds the track to massive proportions with escalating synths and an electric groove which just seems to get larger with each successive loop. A big record from Oscar and one that an up for it dance floor should certainly appreciate. 

The seventh and final track on the collection is provided by Simos Tagias who is also making his first appearance on the label. The Greek producer has long been one of his country’s top progressive talents and it’s been a great year with his Jorgio Kioris ‘Exist’ collaboration getting signed to Cid Inc’s Replug Records. His contribution here is entitled ‘Destroy Theory’ which comes with the Greek producer’s great percussive energy and groovy cadence. Flanked by excellent design the framework charges forward while tonal motifs play off each other nicely for some wicked hypnotic swing. Subtle acid lines lock the groove a notch further as the main break initiates, before a smooth atmospheric build pulls all the elements back together for a gorgeous finish. A wonderful track from Simos and an outstanding collection of music from Golden Wings Music, I would expect you’ll see remixes forthcoming for some or all of these which is certainly something to look forward to. Highly Recommended release.

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