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Various Artists – Unique Series I – The Remixes II (Golden Wings Music)

Golden Wings Music revisits their Unique Series from earlier this year and presents new interpretations from Matias Chilano, Marcelo Vasami, East Cafe and AMAN.

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Golden Wings Music launched in May of this year. The labels first release was an incredible compilation release entitled ‘Unique Series I’. The seven track collection featured the likes of Rich Curtis, Ioan Gamboa, Scotty.A, Tvardovsky, Marc Poppcke, Bastards of Funk & Sonic Union and Nikko.Z. Now four releases in Golden Wings revisits the Unique Series for some new interpretations which are provided by Matias Chilano, Marcelo Vasami, East Cafe and AMAN.

First up is Matias Chilano who provides his take on Bastards of Funk & Sonic Union ‘Nitro Cannon’. The Argentinean producer has been a favourite of mine since around the time he won the Sound Avenue remix competition a few years back. I imagine this was a daunting remix as the original is already quite excellent but Matias has done a great job here. For those of you who haven’t heard the original it’s a tough, hypnotic techno tune with a lot of balls and meticulous production. Matais has expertly reworked the piece into a deep, atmospheric tech house tune that carries many of his much loved production hallmarks. The effortless groove, charming rhythms and intoxicating atmospheres all standout here and make for one of Matias’ best remixes this year.

The second interpretation comes from another highly touted Argentinean producer Marcelo Vasami. With a deep, percussive style that is unique to him Marcelo has been one of the leading figures from the Argentinean scene for many years. This well travelled DJ has a real nose for the dance floor and he’s provided a great version of Marc Poppcke’s deep and groovy ‘Satisfaction’. Marcelo’s spacious rendition is full of timeless qualities, from its intricate inner workings to the meandering harmonies and warped vocal elements it’s an unexpected journey from start to finish, and one that most certainly will find its way into many sets over the coming months. Great remix from Marcelo.

Following that we have East Cafe’s remix of Nikko.Z ‘Cunacolo’. The Hungarian producer has not only delivered several outstanding productions this year but he also launched his own Time Capsule label imprint which has featured two excellent releases thus far. East Cafe’s bass line carving prowess is on full display here once again as he’s taken Nikko’s relatively stripped down production and transformed it into a throbbing bass heavy monster. The rhythmic drive and airy complement of atmospheres is quite strong and the charged second half conclusion is the icing on the cake. Rocking stuff from East Cafe once again.

The fourth and final interpretation is provided by AMAN who is making his first appearance on Golden Wings. The Indian producer has long had a mystical vibe about his productions and his recent work for 3rd Avenue and Agara Music has been outstanding. It’s been a quiet second half of the year for AMAN so it’s great to see him with a new remix here and I have it on very good authority that he is hard at work in the studio crafting new material for next year. Here he reworks Tvardovsky’s ‘Tristeza’ into a late night techno piece that’s filled with subtle emotion. There’s a great tension running through the piece even though it’s quite mellow, just the kick is rather foreboding and that wavering ambience is almost unnerving at times so much so that if dropped at the right moment I could see a massive reaction. Tvardovsky’s original is a straight forward melodic beauty so props to AMAN for a complete reinvention here. It’s really paid off and rounds out the release on a strong note. Top notch offering from Golden Wings with everyone delivering excellent work. Don’t miss it.

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