Various Artists – Vibrant Vibeland (Soundteller Records)

Soundteller Records closed out 2013 with some incredible momentum. Deersky‘s label packed six top notch releases into the years final two months and as 2014 begins Soundteller has unveiled its first ever compilation release entitled ‘Vibrant Vibeland’. The collection features exclusive tracks from: Ale Rod, Constan, Cristian R., Nicolas Petracca & Diego Azocar, Armand V & Noa Romana and Deersky, Monojoke, Silvio Gutierrez, Sound Travell3r and Tioan.

Getting your head around compiling a good exclusives collection is a pretty daunting task but it was the next logical step for Deersky and Soundteller i think. His label has grown a lot in the last year and there is a definite commitment to quality with each release. I’m sure there was a lot of going through demos for this one but the end result is top notch; all the tracks offer something quite cool and unique but the ones that really standout for me are the productions from: Nicolas Petracca & Diego Azocar, Armand V & Noa Romana and Deersky and Monojoke.

Argentinean producer Diego Azocar had been very quiet for most of 2013 but a solid EP appeared on Praveen Achary’s Juicebox Music just before Christmas and turned out to be one of the year’s best releases. Here we find Diego teaming up with fellow countryman Nicolas Petracca who has appeared on three of Balkan Connection’s ‘New Blood’ compilations over the course of 2012 and 2013. Together the duo have crafted ‘Cinema’ which is one of the standout tracks on the collection. The deep, growling bass line immediately stands out along with the trippy atmospheric surroundings. There is a definite Hernan Cattaneo vibe about it with the soulful, relaxed lines and subtle melodic inner workings. The drifting, hypnotic vibe throughout is what I really love about it though; there is an effortless flow which is quite captivating and makes for a very pleasurable listen. Nice work from Diego and Nicolas.

As most Soundteller and Deersky fans know he generally works in conjunction with Noa Romana for all his productions and that is true here as well but for ‘End Of Time’ they have added a third collaborator in Armand V. This is a track that has been sitting in the pipeline for quite some time so it’s great to finally see it available here. The thing I always love about Noa and Deersky‘s productions are the spacey atmospheres and the way nothing sounds forced into the mix. It may seem like a simple thing but a lot of producers sound like they are forcing ideas or sounds into a production that just don’t work. Noa & Deersky always craft tracks that have a smooth, seamless flow throughout and they never try to do too much. ‘End Of Time’ definitely exemplifies all those qualities and it’s been on the office playlist for the last two weeks as a result.

Monojoke was a producer that really came into his own over the last six months of 2013. After a busy first half of the year Monojoke seemed to slow things down a bit as the year went on and his productions seemed to carry a bit more weight as a result. The Polish producer ended the year as one of brightest stars in the progressive underground. OLD SQL Recordings owner Ivan Nikusev cited Monojoke as his favourite producer of the moment and many other progressive house fans share the same sentiment. His recent ‘Lemon Drop’ EP on Clinique Recordings was probably his best work of 2013 and he’s gotten 2014 off to a great start with ‘Paper Rain’ which is his contribution to ‘Vibrant Vibeland’. ‘Paper Rain’ seems to follow right where ‘Lemon Drop’ left off which is a sound that is getting much more timeless and contemporary as opposed to traditional progressive house. The deep bass stabs and sweeping electronics are sensational here and the rolling gates add a tremendous amount of pop to the groove. The melodic content is spectacular as well with warm pads, wispy vocal elements and well sequenced harmonies which build to an exhilarating climax. Monojoke is definitely one to watch in 2014 and ‘Paper Rain’ is my favourite track on the collection. An all round great release from Soundteller who gets 2014 off to a great start. Highly Recommended.

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