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Verve & Sonic Union – Drifting Away (Mesmeric Records)

The 31st release on Mesmeric Records is out this week and it features a huge collaboration from two progressive house favourites. Verve & Sonic Union are known not only for running FutureForm and Lowbit respectively but also for their cutting edge productions. Individually Kieran (Verve) and Erik (Sonic Union) have graced some great imprints over the years but Mesmeric seems like the ideal place for their first collaboration together.

The duos ‘Drifting Away’ begins with a tantalizing broken beat intro that’s well complemented with some subtle synth lines and an airy atmospheric back drop. Once the kick drops the shuffling drums really come to life and an energetic groove is quickly formed. A subtle atmospheric build carries the track to the main break where a plucky lead adds some nice musical hooks. The broken beat interlude slowly weaves it’s way though some lovely sounds and textures before a nice build and short drop reveal the groove once more. Some newly introduced electronics give the track a unique industrial type vibe momentarily before the drifting textures reappear for a dreamy finish. Great work from Verve and Sonic Union, hopefully we see more colabs from these two in the future.

Nomad In The Dark closes the release out and provides two remixes of ‘Drifting Away’. The US based producer has been quiet of late so it’s great to finally see some new material from him. Nomad’s punchy, dynamic grooves are unmistakable and his main mix here provides a wonderful stripped variation which complements the original very well. His vibrant sounding drums and subtle but incredibly catchy hooks add some wicked bounce to the groove. As the drop approaches some well textured bass stabs provide some profound warmth to the foundation. The main break puts a cool spin on the plucky hooks from the original for what results in a funky interlude that builds nicely into the second half. The amazing thing here is how powerful the groove is given that’s it is relatively stripped down. The parts have a lot of ‘pop’ that’s for sure and it should sound amazing on the dance floor. Nomad in the Dark has also provided an ‘Ambient Path’ version of ‘Drifting Away’ which should prove quite useful to the more adventurous DJs out there. A great release from Mesmeric and be on the lookout for their next release from Rich Curtis which includes a remix from Dosem. Highly Recommended. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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