Victor K – Ganymede (Clinique Recordings)

The 13th release on Breeze & Quadrat’s Clinique Recordings is out this week and it sees Russian producer Viktor K returning to the label for his fourth appearance. Viktor Kovin aka Viktor K last appeared on Clinique with his remix of Demian Moreno’s ‘Has Changed’ from August of 2012 and has gone on to appear on OLD SQL, LuPS and Green Snake to close out 2012. His new studio production entitled ‘Ganymede’ is his first single of 2013 and it comes with remixes from: CJ Art and Digital Department. Victor’s ‘Ganymede’ original begins with a tough break beat section that’s covered with a lovely atmosphere which sets the stage for a warm wall of sub bass which gets dropped in early on. Hypnotic lines and emotional chord changes fill the centre section of the record for what results in a truly gorgeous vibe. Clattering drums, drifting melodies and warm, bassy swells makes up the breakdown which is perfect beachside material. The smooth melodic interlude concludes with the break beats dropping back in along with a smooth section of fluttery electronics which carries the track through to an emotionally satisfying finish.

The first remix comes from CJ Art whom we have long been fans of for his dark, percussive and haunting sound. He’s delivered another special production for his ‘Ganymede’ remix and it proves to be an amazing complement to the original. CJ’s dark, sinister sound really shines here with a wealth of cool electronics, haunting vocal samples and a deeply emotional breakdown which proves to be the perfect centre piece for CJ’s floor friendly beats.

The second and final remix comes from Digital Department who is making his first appearance on Clinique here. Arseniy Somotov aka Digital Department has been making a name for himself not only in his Russian homeland but also in the global progressive house scene with his consistently good productions on Misitque, OLD SQL and Elliptical Sun Recordings. Digital Department is equally talented at writing progressive breaks or progressive house and here for his ‘Ganymede’ interpretation he has delivered a superb breaks rework. Digital Department has crafted a new melodic theme which works perfectly with the elements from Victor’s original. It’s based around a poignant set of melodic keys that really pulls at your heart strings and pushes the feel good envelope to the max. Another great release form Clinique which should satisfy the Progressive house and melodic breaks aficionados nicely.

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