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Vid Marjanovic & Depra – African Market (Crossfade Sounds)

Crossfade Sounds returns this week following an extremely successful second edition of their ‘Crossing Borders’ compilations. Vid Marjanovic & Depra make their debut on the label with a two track EP entitled ‘African Market’ which comes with remixes from Kieran J and Float.

Vid and Depra both hail from Serbia and have worked together before on the track ‘End Of The World’ which was released earlier this summer on Selected Records. It seems to be a fruitful pairing as they’ve crafted two very fine tracks here. The ‘African Market’ original starts the EP off and presents a stark tech house vibe with a killer groove. The shapely acid bass line and gloomy atmospheric backdrop cast some dark moods over the piece while the spooky vocal accents add a cool haunted house vibe. The piece ultimately is all about the groove though which is very strong. The wet carved out acid lines are quite fresh and should work well on a cool dance floor.

The lone remix of ‘African Market’ is supplied by Kieran J who is making his first appearance on Crossfade Sounds. The Irish producer has spent some time in our Hype Chart this year with his releases on Asymmetric and L3D which have been fabulous. For his ‘African Market’ interpretation Kieran has reworked the track into a warmer tech house journey. The additional bass stabs add great rhythm and warmth to the piece while the groovy lines modulate marvellously in perfect unison. There is a subtle rising tension here as well which is going to be perfect for building anticipation during a long set. Solid work from Kieran.

The companion piece ‘DMT’ is the standout of the two originals in our opinion. The late night grooves have that amazing hypnotic swing that you know is just going to be wicked on the dance floor. The dubby techno sound and mesmerizing rhythms never seems to sound old and build coming out of the break is absolutely immense. The second half furthers the groove just a touch more with some additional electronic hits and more hypnotic mastery.

The lone remix of ‘DMT’ is provided by Float who is also making his first appearance on Crossfade Sounds. The Serbian producer has delivered a mix that goes down as our favourite on the package. This one has ‘groove for days’ as you would say, just an incredibly well constructed framework with pulsating bass tones, grainy percussion and infectious rhythms. The main break introduces a bleepy electronic vibe that complements the rolling framework really well and pushes the energy even higher through the second half. Huge track from Float and a sure fire dance floor winner here. Another great outing for Crossfade Sounds and we hope to hear more of this dubby prog-tech sound in the near future. Highly Recommended.

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