Vinayak A – How Long Do You Plan To Drag Me (Bermudos)

The 25th release on De Wachtkamer’s Bermudos imprint is out this week and it features the return of Vinayak A to the label. The Indian producer was part of the labels inaugural release just over a year ago with his remix of De Wachtkamer’s ‘Changing Clouds’. Now Vinayak A delivers his first single for Bermudos ‘How Long Do You Plan To Drag Me?’ which includes remixes from Audio Units, Kosmas Epsilon and Vipul.

Vinayak A has long been one of the most interesting producers in progressive house. His unique and varied sound stretches pretty far but there always seems to be a distinct element of electronic soul in his productions. ‘How Long Do You Plan To Drag Me?’ goes down as one of the Indian producers most inspiring melodic creations. Filled with gorgeous piano sequences, warm bassy chord changes and glistening electronics this one is not only a complete joy to listen to it’s also got enough drive and energy for the dance floor. Fabulous work once again from Vinayak A.

The first remix is provided by the Audio Units who are one of the hottest up and coming production duos from India. Ashwin Baburao and Ashrith Baburao make up the Audio Units production team and they hit the electronic music scene in 2011 with their debut release on Plusquam Records. Appearances on Spring and Qilla soon followed and now for the duos first release of 2013 they’ve delivered an incredibly cool remix of ‘How Long Do You Plan To Drag Me?’. Audio units have crafted a deep and quirky interpretation that’s full of eccentric electronic hooks and soft rhythmic tones which complement the deep groove throughout. The main break really stands out as well with some gorgeous musicality providing an unforgettable moment. Solid remix from Audio Units.

The second remix comes from a producer that long time progressive house fans will certainly be pleased to see: Kosmas Epsilon. The Greek producer practically revolutionized the melodic progressive sound (along with Luke Chable and James Holden) back in 2004 with his early productions on Deep, Precinct and EQ Grey. Kosmas generally opts for a deeper, groovier sound nowadays which is equally enthralling. His ‘How Long Do You Plan To Drag Me?’ interpretation lays down a heavily textured groove that is rich in character and shape. The surrounding atmospheres and melodic elements are absolutely sublime and work perfectly with the funk laden groove below. Should go down in an absolute storm on the deeper floors out there. Great stuff from Kosmas and one of his best remixes to date in our opinion.

The final mix on the package comes from yet another extremely talented Indian producer: Vipul. Vipul Angirush aka Vipul has been producing for several years now but has really shot into the spotlight this year with two collaborations in conjunction with fellow countryman Praveen Achary. The first being a remix of D-Eye’s \Pulse’ on Darin Epsilon’s Perspectives Digital and then a single on Praveen’s new Juicebox Music imprint. It’s safe to say that 2013 is off to an amazing start for Vipul and he’s delivered a great remix of ‘How Long Do You Plan To Drag Me?’. A deep, rolling groove lays down a wicked foundation with vibrant electronics and flickering hooks providing some delightful audio candy. The overall vibe of the record is what really stands out though; a total late night, back room bomb from Vipul and also our favourite mix on the package. Another top shelf release from Bermudos. Highly recommended.

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