Vlada D’Shake – Pleks (Balkan Connection)

The latest release on Balkan Connection welcomes Vlada D’Shake back to the label for his debut EP.

Vlada D'Shake - Pleks

The Serbian producer is making his 7th appearance on the label with this being his first original project. Vlada’s had some excellent releases this year, his outings on the excellent Music To Please Friends label were outstanding as well as remixes for Seven Spirits, Stellar Fountain and Welcome Music. His debut EP for Balkan Connection is entitled ‘Pleks’ and promises to be some of his finest work to date.

I’ve always thought Vlada was quite underrated in the underground, there’s a uniqueness and character about his productions that keeps you coming back to them. The lead track here ‘Pleks’ certainly exemplifies those traits with its rugged grooves, distinctive designs and quirky flow. As the piece begins there’s a very cool sci-fi vibe about it and once the bass tones drop in there certainly is a killer groove beginning to form. A storyboard of vocal edits along with some spacey synth work are the most captivating elements, and there’s a constant evolution into the main break, where a subtle but playful melody gets showcased for a moment. The third act continues the tracks evolution, as the pace picks up with a flurry of vocal gates, percussive waves and a cross-cultural theme, which gets introduced at around the eight minute mark for the ultimate magic moment. The running time on the track is immense but so is the creativity on Vlada’s behalf so it blows by pretty quick. Excellent and certainly one of the Serbian’s coolest works to date.

The companion piece ‘Public Secret’ comes with a bit more of an atmospheric but equally powerful, and compelling vibe. The design follows the lead track nicely with a wealth of cool vocal edits and spiralling electronics to get lost in, all while Vlada’s rumbling low end carves out the ultimate groove. There’s an old school Cid Inc vibe happening in that groove in fact, which is of course a great thing and again Vlada plays with some cross-cultural themes to solidify the EP’s overall mood and feel. Both of these cuts are incredibly creative and deserve several listens to explore all the great ideas happening in them. It makes for one of Balkan Connection’s best releases this year and two more stand out productions for Vlada’s discography that are not to be missed. Highly Recommended.

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