We gave Funk D’Void the opportunity to tell his side of the story yesterday.

We ran his article (read here) because we believe the press has a duty of care to the report facts and need to be held accountable for any wrong doing.   

Gossip and opinion based articles like the one Pulse Radio wrote about Funk D’Void form part of the murkier depths on the internet, where the sites in large lack real journalistic standards.

Sites like this have long enjoyed the freedom they’ve had to divide our community and fuel hatred, which in turn brings in big traffic.

In Funk D’Void’s case we’ve learned we need to quit judging people as guilty until we know the real facts!

If any proven racist, misogynist / misandrogynist, homophobe or transphobe is using our scene to promote their sick agenda, then they deserve the backlash. But let’s confirm this properly first and stop allowing the press to imply people are guilty because of their associations.

We need to wake up to the war that’s happening out there on the internet, with people endlessly attacking each other about their beliefs and stop letting it infiltrate our scene.

Dance music is supposed to an inclusive scene that’s about tolerance and acceptance. It’s never been about hate.

In an increasingly hostile world, we need places more than ever that are free from judgement and that are accepting of everyone. These places used to be known as our clubs yet we’re allowing them to become increasingly politicised. So who knows where this all leads to if we don’t debate this?

We think it’s time to leave your political views outside the door people. Let’s take back control of our dance floors and make this about the music again. 



  • Mark Betteridge

    Mark Betteridge is C-U's owner and founder. C-U was formed to support up and coming artists in the underground and promote genres that were being ignored by the dance music media.