Wej – Magnetic Blur (BQ Recordings)

The 69th release on BQ Recordings features the debut of Wej to the label. The French producer has been a huge contributor to BQ’s sister label Clinique Recordings where he has appeared three times over the last 7 months. Wej’s brand new two track EP for BQ is entitled ‘Magnetic Blur’ and it comes with two brand new original productions.

For electronic music fans that have already been following Wej you know that his fresh take on progressive house is not only contemporary sounding but also perfect for the dance floor. I’m not sure if Wej is a Dj or has logged much time playing in clubs but given the nature of his tracks it wouldn’t surprise me. The French producer’s material on Clinique has been relatively up-tempo but for ‘Magnetic Blur’ he’s slowly things down a touch and focused on a much deeper, more hypnotic sound which is just lovely. The slow building atmosphere and waves of drums carry the track to the main drop where a quiet atmospheric swirl reveals the tension for a moment. The groove soon drops back in and with that the killer back room vibe continues with dubby rhythms and hazy atmospheres leading the way to a great finish. Excellent track from Wej.

The companion piece ‘Roundhouse’ again comes with a wicked, dubby roll that’s incredibly infectious. The lazy groove is casually loose and loaded with killer swing which sounds fabulous with the drifting atmospheric backdrop. The addition of some soft vocal stabs and simple harmonies put a mild progressive slant on it which is quite cool as it offers variation between the two cuts. I’ve been a big fan of dubby, dark room grooves for quite some time and these productions certainly fit the bill so it’s no wonder I really love this EP. Hoping to hear more stuff like this from Wej and BQ Recordings in the future. Highly Recommended.

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