What’s In Your Box: DaGeneral & Bageera (The World Is Not Real Edition)

With DaGeneral & Bageera’s album ‘The World Is Not Real’ getting released this week on Se-Lek Musik, they take us through a track by track breakdown in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?

1: DaGeneral & Bageera – Have You Ever Cried

This is the first track on the album and a nice electronica style number with a tech influence. We have nice vocals running through this track with an airy atmosphere. This is a great set and album starter.

2: DaGeneral & Bageera – The Wrong Way

Our favorite track of our debut album that grooves along to a modulate synth line with vocal snippets cutting thru the mix to maximum impact. This one rock’s floors from tel-aviv to Trenchtown!

3: DaGeneral & Bageera – Lose My Mind

Another one of our favorites from the album with a tech-house style sound to it. Has an infection bassline running through it with a superb vocal running through it, we enjoyed creating the break in this track.

4: DaGeneral & Bageera – Classics

This track is harking back in time with old school vocal cut up’s and great big filthy hoover to make us feel like were back in 92!

5: DaGeneral & Bageera – Taking The Michael

This tech number was a late addition to the album. We had to add it as we feel that this has a nice mid-set sound to it, and would keep the dancefloor bobbing without being to fierce. Our pads have a 90s feel to them before going into a transient breakdown.

6: DaGeneral & Bageera – The World is Not Real (Se-Lek Musik)

The title track from our album. The inspiration for this track is Detroit and in particular Carl Craig with its wonky pad’s and 909 drums this has the feel of a “proper” Detroit track with modern sensibilities.

7: DaGeneral & Bageera – Triumphant

Triumphant is our house track on the album which has an Ibiza style vibe to it with plenty energy, and nice piano riffs. The breakdown has give me sunshine written all over it, and we feel would be great in the summer festivals.

8: DaGeneral & Bageera – Life Goes Round (In Circles)

Like above this is us in our more commercial form with some haunting riff’s and gorgeous vocal this is sure to find it’s way onto the more commercial dance floors. We really find this a soothing track with plenty emotion.

9: DaGeneral & Bageera – The Dream

One of our straight up techno tracks on the album. A blend of techno kicks and percussion with dark vox, and uplifting riffs taking you into dreamland. This track in our opinion really takes you on a journey.

10: DaGeneral & Bageera – Sleazy Talk

The “hardest” track from our album that uses snippets of a certain president over thumping beats that is sure to be the only time you will find yourself losing yourself to Trump’s sleazy vocal’s! Enjoy!

11: DaGeneral & Bageera – Unicorns and Fairies

Unicorns and Fairies sounds real, doesn’t it? This is our make-believe tech-house style track with a heavy techno influence. This track should really take you into a parallel universe where the sky is green and pigs can fly.

‘The World Is Not Real’ is out now on Se-Lek Musik.
Digital release available: here


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