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What’s In Your Box: Dark Soul Project

With Dark Soul Project’s ‘Synesthesia’ (in conjunction with Rich Curtis) getting released this week we catch up with him for his top ten tracks of the moment.

Dark Soul Project

1. Dusky – Careless (Original Mix) [AUS Music]

“dusky has an incredible quality sound, too simple and at the same time too complex on the sound process on it” a very effective track that remembers me the old good dance music from the 90 It sounds always fresh .

2. Dark Soul Project & Solar Sphere Feat Ghost Wars – Double Lives (Original Mix) [Unsigned]

“I think is one of my best tracks, its  a melodic house tracks with some emotive and strong grooves” I did it also thinking in the music of the late 90, with a fusion of that new indie house sound. It was great to work with andres lopez (solar Sphere ) once again and to have this collab with Ghost Wars, is an amazing producer and singer full of passion , the track fits perfect on the mix with the dusky track I always play them together

3. Dale Middleton – Eggos (Original Mix)

“this guy knows how to touch your heart since I receive the promo I cant stop playing it, in some dancefloor is less effective than other ones but the atmosphere is really beautifull is like touching the sky with hands”

4. Julian Jeweil – Funky Skull (Original Mix)

“if you want to make  a mess or you want an orgy this is the track jajaja” love it!!!! This is a real party! Good vibes good groove and a really well done track, top track!

5. Carlos Varela  feat Santiago Tellagorry v.s sascha sonido – Una Palabra (DSP Bootleg Edit)

“Santiago is a Young producer from cordoba, really talented and is a great musician, something that now a days is difficult to find, a real music lover, a great piano player, in this days that there are lot of ghost producers, this guy is making a mess with his keyboard” i decided to edit his work, and make it more groovy with some uplifters and some fx ,people love it, I close my last gig with it at bahrein Buenos aires, was huge!

6. Oliver Schories – Sunset (Joris Delacroix Remix)

“one of my fav track of all times, I use to play it a lot, the feeling on the dancefloor with it, is so so warm and cute, a master piece of the electronic music”

7. Dark Soul Project – Al Sur (Original mix) [Hope]

“it is a very important track for me, lot of meanings, was the door to enter hope , and be in a nick warrens album and the emotions on it, in the moment I did it is also imp” people use to ask me to play it and I really enjoy to listen it. Is my of my best tracks ever I think.

 8. James Teej Feat. Richie Hennessey – Disclosure (Simon Vuarambon Remix)

“I think it will be a fav for a long time I am playing it, since simon send me the promo ,its amazing, the groove the development , how every phrase sound on it , the chords everything, I think is hit of the underground sound” I use to play it in the best part of the night , and I love to sign it jajaja. Thanks simon! A young guy with a huge talent!

9. Dark Soul Project Pres Dancing With Myself – Line of Fire (Original Mix)

“my upcoming release at we are here music, what can I say of it, ja is dancefloor destroyer, people go wild with it” I didn’t expect this reaction but on the dancefloor sounds really cool the uplifters the vocals , the claps, is a good weapon for the pick up time moments.

10. Wayne Tennant, Paolo Rocco – Caution You Feat. Wayne Tennant (Ohmme Remix) [Get Physical Music]

“love this track is amazing , the sound, the development so creative, the vocal is really cool” really enjoy when I play it.”

‘Synesthesia’ is out now on Slideways, you can purchase the release: here

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