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What’s In Your Box: Guy Mantzur

Guy Mantzur caps off the best year of his career with a gorgeous remix of Mike Griego feat. Amber Long ‘Sofia’. I caught up with Guy for a What’s In Your Box episode to find out what’s been rocking his dance floors this month.

Guy Mantzur

1. Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z – Survivors Guilt [Lost & Found]

“I’m so happy with how groovy this track became , from one side the bass with the drums creating such a perfect clubby groove that moves your body and from the other side the hypnotic melodies and vocals touching your mind in a gentle special way.”

2. Patrice Baumel – Mile High Gang [Kompakt]

“I really love what Patrice is doing , this track is minimal , solid and groovy and yet it works amazing every time I’m playing it , it can be for 100 or 1000 people , still it sounds perfect and warm.”

3. Mike Griego feat Amber Long –  Sofia (Dub) [Plattenbank]

“From the first time I heard this one (when it was still  3 min sketch ) I fell in love with it and told mike that I want it for my label Plattenbank , i think this is one of his best works eve , so mature and touchy and from the other side works amazing at the club , this is the kind of the tracks that people remembers way after the party is over.”

4.  Khen – Anise [Sudbeat]

“This all EP  from Khen is amazing and has some perfect club tracks , the Anise one has this special percussion’s  groove that catches  you and then when you get to the break you start to flow with its perfect melody (Great work Khen !)”

5. BP – Somebody Else [Plattenbank]

 “This track is from the coming album of BP on Plattenbank and it have support from Guy J , Hernan etc , it’s a perfect  house groove with an amazing melody that stays all over the track but still you can’t get enough of it.”

6. Mike Griego feat Amber Long – Sofia (Guy Mantzur Remix) [Plattenbank]

“I have made this remix really long time ago and had a chance to play it in lot of my last gigs”

7. Guy Mantzur & Roi Rosenfeld – Epika [Kompakt]

“This track will be out only in few months , its sounds a  bit different from what i usually do and i don’t have any other tracks in my sets that sounds the same so That why I m excited to play it and see how people reacts.”

8.  Ben Hoo – Right Kind of Rain (Oskar Offermann Remix ) [Marea]

“Beautiful Track from 2011 but still sound so updated and special, perfect track for cool down the vibes after you played some harder stuff.”

9. Guy J – Nirvana [Unsigned]

“Real Gold”

10. Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z – The Greenwich Tunnel  [Lost & Found]

“Something with the combination of the groove and rolling bass gives it a feeling of a fast train ride and from the min it starts and you get on that train you just can’t stop till it ends .”

Guy’s remix of Mike Griego feat Amber Long ‘Sofia’ is out now on Plattenbank, you can purchase the release: here

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