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What’s In Your Box: Khen

With Khen’s remix of Weekend Heroes ‘Secret Society’ getting released this week we check out his favourite tracks of the moment.


1. Weekend Heroes – Secret Society (Khen Late Night Remix) [Flow records]

“More than a year that I’m in contact with Pena (Flow records) about doing something for the label and finally it happened with a remix for my homie Weekend Heroes. It’s a bit more techno this time, 100% pure for the dance floor. When I’m working on a remix I’m trying to take it to the other side from the original and use the parts in a different way.”

2. Roy Rosenfeld & Guy Mantzur – Epika [Kompakt]

“One of those tracks that when I listened for the first time I knew it will be a big tune. Cannot imagine my sets in the last month without it. It will probably be a huge underground hit for 2015. Guy & Roy you ROCK”

3. Dahu – Ruin (Original Mix) [Steyoyoke Black]

“Dahu is bringing the best with combinations of solid techno rhythms and hypnotic melodies which are always working.”

4. interaxxis – Natural Fear (Sahar Z & Khen remix) [Plattenbank]

“My 2nd remix collaboration with Sahar Z, now for Interaxxis aka Martin Kazez from Argentina. For me to work with Sahar it’s always a pure pleasure, he takes me to the edge and always brings a lot of experience as a dj and open minded as a producer. It will be released soon on one of my favourite labels, Plattenbank by Guy Mantzur & Yaniv Tal.”

5. Cornucopia – This is Cornucopia [unreleased]

“Pure piece of art, 3 minutes of a proggy groove and then the bass note is changing… wow”

6. Jonty Skrufff – Stiletto (Patrice Baumel Remix) [Sisyphon]

“I’m always looking for a groove like that, one of those that you can listen to for hours and can’t stop dancing, for me Patrice Baumel is doing it in a great way.”

7. Chicola & Sahar Z – The Stage Is Set For The Future [Sudbeat]

“Very rare track from Sahar & Chicola, 13 minutes of a trippy groove and melodies that take your set to the next level. When Chicola & Sahar are working together you never know what to expect.”

8. Khen – Anise [Sudbeat]

“In the last summer during a strange situation in my country I just went to my studio and turned on Chicola’s new Prophet 12 synth he left in my studio so I can check it, and this is what came out. It is the last one of my “Sweet Break Up” EP on Sudbeat, I’m still very excited to play Anise and always get amazing feedback from the crowd, djs and friends.”

9. Jamie Stevens – The Wonder Of You [microCastle]

“Last November I was very lucky to meet Jamie in a gig at the amazing place in New Caledonia. When he played this track it was a special moment. I play and listen to this one at least every day. The strings and the sweet melody, guitars and groove arps side by side with a fat rhythm just make it timeless.

10. Sakorka – Love Is Over (Audio Junkies Remix) [Asymmetric recordings]

“Really like everything from Audio Junkies, and this remix is a lesson how to use vocal in electronic underground music, hypnotic atmosphere but still very steady.”

Khen’s remix of Weekend Heroes is out now on Flow Records, you can purchase the release: here

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