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What’s In Your Box: King Unique

King Unique has been a busy man the last few months, after closing out 2014 with top reworks for Brian Cid and Guy J he gets 2015 off to a blinding start with a gorgeous remix for Moonchild Records. We caught up with him to find out what’s been burning up his dance floors this month.


1. Einmusik – System (Original Mix) [Einmusika Recordings]

“This sticks to the immaculate format that Einmusik has been exploring on recent remixes such as Helms ‘Bläck & White’ which is to say deep 70s kosmische vibes framed into slow-burning club monsters. Tunes to slowly raise everyone’s hands with”

2. King Unique – Without Boxes (Petrels Remix) [microCastle]

“A few years ago I heard Petrels ‘Concrete’ & it went straight into my lifetime top ten favourite pieces of music. Almost instantly I began daydreaming about how good it would be to have him remix ‘Without Boxes’; thanks to Mitch at microCastle giving me a free hand with remixers of my last EP that’s now become a reality. I’ve got a remix that is everything I hoped for & microCastle has its first track in Beatport’s often overlooked Experimental Ambient Noisecore genre.”

3. Plastikman – EXhale (Dixon’s Just A Different Mixdown Version) [MUTE]

“Everyone’s favourite cameraphobic mixed-monitor-martial artist gives his acidic squiggles & swirling phased Jarresque chords to the Innervisions boss for a subtle but deeply effective reworking. The mechanistic 808 patterns of the original are replaced with a cool as you like groove & the whole track is given the sonic richness that it deserves.”

4. Dubspeeka & Visionz  – Floorshow [DEXT Recordings]

“Dubspeeka’s jungle heritage is well to the fore on the latest DEXT ep. Brooding heavy bass & flashes of skittering breaks provide the detail but the lead track is all about the huge heavily-flanged snare & deep kicks.”

5. Javier Portilla & Sotela ft. Emalaine – Your Eyes (King Unique Remix) [Moonchild Records]

“Probably the deepest thing I’ve done in a while & rather luscious. I prefer not to walk the straight ‘prog-path’ but I couldn’t let Dixon & Joris have all the nu-prog fun so this is chock full of gorgeous strings & mournful metallic feedback. Still squeezed a cheeky dose of garage into the beats & bass of course. You know me, never do things the easy way.”

6. Tilt ft. G-Man – 30 Hits Of Acid (King Unique Remix) [Pro-B-Tech]

“This is one of the standout tracks of Tilt’s ‘Resonator’ album, co-written with founding LFO member Gez Varley. Between me being asked to do the remix & getting started on it the other half of LFO, Mark Bell, died suddenly. I decided to abandon the approach I’d planned for the remix & do something that tried to capture the freedom & limitless psychedelic possibility that dance music had when it first exploded into a multiplicity of new styles in the UK, a moment captured perfectly in time by LFO ‘LFO’. This is how dance music felt to me in the summer of ‘92 lying in a Welsh field at an illegal traveller’s rave.“

7. Haremoor – U Know That Butler (Original Mix) [This Ain’t Bristol]

“I’m always looking for tracks from the UK bass/house scene that live on their melodies & mood as much as their low-end & this is a great example. Slinky garage beats & muttering vox give way to a mournful piano breakdown. A little gem.”

8. Kolsch vs. Kastis – Cassiopeia Menace’d (KU Without Borders Rework) [white label]

“Huge bootleg cut from my forthcoming mix album for Armada, subverting Kolsch’s classical-meets-tech sensibilities with some rattling house-breaks – & check me getting all Max Richtery up in yo grill with my thoughtful piano playout.”

9. Atapy & BOg “Despair” [Bedrock]

“Beautiful blend of hypnotic xylo-synths to get you nodding & surging cross-modulated analogue wails to make the dark rooms feel darker.”

10. Subb-An “Oasis ft. Whitney Fierce” [Crosstown Rebels]

“Still playing this – if all hipster house had such wiggly bass I’d be writing this wearing a sling vest & infinity scarf, gently stroking my man-bun. Yes, man-bun. As in top knot, not my – what’s wrong with you people?”

King Unique’s remix of Javier Portilla & Sotela ft. Emalaine ‘Your Eyes’ is out now on Moonchild Records, you can purchase the release: here

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