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What’s In Your Box: Lonya

With Lonya’s remix of Wej ‘Connected’ getting released this week on Clinique Recordings we catch up with the Asymmetric boss for his top 10 favourite tunes of the moment.


1. Dave Seaman – Right Side of Wrong (Guy Mantzur & Lonya ) [Sudbeat] 

There is an amazing story behind this track , which is maybe too long to tell, but in short, we had another remix we did , the release was already packed and we were happy with it , but just couple of weeks before it went to promo , we decided to make it more fun to play , and it turned out to be a completely new remix . The track came out very emotional , which is also something we didn’t intend , but both of us were going at that moment through big changes in our lives and it got reflected in the music . I feel each time i play it how people connect to that feeling and i live it once again in my head. 

2. Dole & Kom – Salto Mortale (Rene Bourgeois & Dan Caster Remix) [3000 Grad]

This track is outstanding , with a powerful riff, that seems at first not connected to the overall atmosphere, it comes very unexpected, and creates the intensity that is hard to describe in words . Surrounded by beautiful melancholic harmonies and guitars, together it has the best of both worlds for me. 

 3. Jules & Moss – Mega Socks (Original Mix) [Thrill of it] 

These guys surprised me big time . Just couple of days before I went on tour in Argentina last month, they sent me their album, and i first listened to it in the plane . I expected something very different from them, but from the first moment i felt in love with this album , and i knew i have to play it on the first occasion. And i did, it was the first track i played the next day and since then i play tracks from the album almost every set, while Mega Socks being my favourite one there.

4. Alexander Maier & Marius Lehnert pres Almamale – Rocker  33 ( Solee Remix ) [Parquet]

Its not easy to play this track, you need to think in advance as its not something you can drop whenever you want in my opinion.  But if you do it right, you will leave everybody speechless . Such an inspiring and forward thinking production and such a story in this track. I play a lot of Parquet stuff and this one is on top of my list from the label at the moment 

5. Lonya & Maydan – Fertile Lands (Original Mix) [Sudbeat]

I still don’t know exactly when it will be released and i can’t even post a preview of it yet, but this is a monster. I don’t think I ever did such a powerful track, and its very simple , few riffs with characteristic moog sound blending together and an enormous and surprising breakdown full of warm pads. You ll know it when you hear it 🙂

6. BP – Somebody Else [Plattenbank] 

Musical excellence! The basic idea here is a simple ostinato, the way things are evolving are unpredictable and cinematic. Listening to it is like watching a great movie, full of drama and tension. 

7. Sakorka – Love is Over (Audio Junkies Remix) [Asymmetric] 

Ive been playing this track, when it was just a demo, and tested every version of it . It worked so good even in the early stages. The vocals are powerful and the kick bass combination here is just what I like, it has the familiar Audio Junkies touch, but more edgy and biting.

8. Cid Inc vs Darin Epsilon  – Outliers (Petar Dundov Remix) [Perspectives]

This is 2015 freshest sound of modern deep house/progressive. And also the arrangement is huge. I like when things are simple and complicated at the same time :), magic for the dance floor !

9. Thomas Lizzara feat Steven Coulter – Berlin my Love  (Romeofoxtrott Remix) [Perlekind] 

The harmonies and vocals are huge in the original but this remix has so much more. It reminds me the innocent times when i first got into electronic music, but its a top notch production with no mistakes and very not innocent . First time I played it in The Cat & Dog I noticed a woman with tears in her eyes, such a big and powerful feeling !

10. Dale Middleton – Eggos (Original Mix) [SexonWax] 

This is also a very nostalgic track, reminding of so many things, the tiny vocal snippets and the chords complement each other, it has a classic breakdown, and it will work great when the sun rises and you start to feel the first light in the horizon 🙂 

Lonya’s remix of Wej ‘Connected’ is out now on Clinique Recordings, you can purchase the release: here

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