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What’s In Your Box: Marcelo Vasami

Hot on the heels of his Michael A ‘Frankield’ remix Marcelo Vasami lets us know what tracks have been dominating his sets this month.

Marcelo Vasami

1. Baunder – Neptunia (Original Mix)[ Sudbeat]

“I’ve loved Baunder’s music since forever, and in this release he confirms what an amazing producer he is.”

2. Brian Cid – Jukebox (Original Mix) [microCastle]

“Brian’s music came to my knowledge recently and I found in it a very good material, I love to use this track to soothe the people in a main set and give them a break, it works perfect as a trippy moment.”

3. Cid Inc – Guardian (Nick Muir Remix) [Replug]

“At this moment, Henri is one of my favourite producers, he’s sound is so hypnotic and groovy. This track in particular is amazing, Nick added some of his magic into it, and this amazing remix came up.”

4. Dave Seaman – Justified Replacement Of Lulu (Marc Marzenit Remix) [SELADOR]

“I usually play this track when the set is coming almost to an end, the reaction of the crowd during the breakdown is breathtaking, as I can actually feel one of the better things being a DJ has, the connection with the people”

5. Guy J – Candyland (King Unique Remix) [Bedrock]

“Two of my main influences. They created what, for me, is fated to be a classic for progressive house music.”

6. Denis A – Heroin (Alberto Blanco & Marcelo Paladini Unofficial Remix) [CDR]

“Alberto and Marcelo are two Argentinian producers that are making a great job together. The remix for Heroin came out just perfect, as the rest of their work”

7. Royksopp – Sordid Affair (Maceo Plex Mix) [Dog Triumph]

“Nothing to say about this track, by just listening  to it you can understand why it’s been chosen to be added to my box”

8. Dartek – Offshore (Andy Arias Extended Mix)  [Opendecks Records]

“Andy is an excellent producer, and one of my closest friends. During the whole track, every second is justified, the entire feeling of watching a movie in a 13 minute track”

9. Lonya & Mike Griego – Acid Culture (Tim Penner Remix) [Perspectives Digital]

“A boost of energy, I like to play it in the pick time of my set”

10.Sapiens – Five Point Fiction (Vlada D’Shake Remix) [Suffused Music]

“Once I get the feeling the people is totally connected with the music, I play this track to try to hypnotize them. One of my favourites in this moment”

Marcelo’s remix of Michael A ‘Frankield’ is out now on Clinique Recordings, you can purchase the release: here

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