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What’s In Your Box: Sonic Union

Swedish producer Sonic Union has a new remix out this week on Balkan Connection, we catch up with him for a What’s In Your Box segment to find out what tracks are currently burning up his dance floors.

Sonic Union

1. Chicola & Sonic Union – Cold Fact [Sudbeat]

“A new original track from Chicola and myself coming out on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat next year. Hernan has been playing this at pretty much every gig he has had last few months to great reactions and been getting lots of questions when it will be out.”

2. Khen – Anise [Sudbeat]

“Khen is one of the best producers I know and his latest EP on Sudbeat is just magical! I’ve been playing Anise (and the whole EP really) for a while and always gets the crowd going!”

3. Huminal – Warthogs World [Lowbit]

“One of the original tracks in a forthcoming EP on Lowbit from these two very talented guys. Expect these guys to blow up soon!”

4. Guy J – Combo [Tulipa Recordings]

“The Guy J ‘Combo’ release forthcoming on Tulipa is just mad! Original is fantastic and the remixes from Secret Cinema & Egbert, Marc Marzenit and Jimmy Van M & Luxor T are equally amazing!”

5. Brian Cid – Caona [microCastle]

“microCastle has long been one of my favourite labels out there and their latest release from Brian Cid is just fantastic! The King Unique and Tom Middleton remixes are equally stellar and just a complete winner!”

6. Oniris – Infected Groove (Steve Ward Filter Remix) [Flow Vinyl]

“The Steve Ward remix of this track is just pure filter techno with a very classic old-school vibe which is great. Perfect when you want to bring up the energy on the dance floor!”

7. Mike Griego Feat. Amber Long – Sofia (Guy Mantzur Remix) [Plattenbank]

“This one has been teased for quite a while and finally got my hands on it a little while back and its what you expect from Mantzur, groovy melodic progressive at its best!”

8. Madloch & Matias Vila – Reading Souls (Nikko.Z Remix) [Sound Avenue]

“The remixes of this already great original is one of Sound Avenues best releases this year and I think Nikko’s remix is one of his best to date! The Teej Remix is equally fantastic though!”

9. Hernan Serraro – To The Final (Dale Middleton Remix) [System Recordings]

“Dale sent me this preview of one of his new remixes and its deep and dark and really groovy! Great work from Dale on this one!”

10. Bastards of Funk & Sonic Union – Nitro Cannon (Matias Chilano Remix) [Golden Wings Music]

“Earlier this year I released a track with my old partner Bastards of Funk called ‘Nitro Cannon’ on the Argentinian radio station GWM and their new label as part of their first release. This has now been given a remix treatment from Matias Chilano and I am impressed with his remix as the original track is very hard to remix.”

Sonic Union’s remix of Jelly For The Babies ‘Johannesburg’ is out now on Balkan Connection, you can purchase the release: here

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