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What’s In Your Box: Stas Drive

With Stas Drive’s remix of Sea ‘Young Lovers Searching Stars’ getting released this week we catch up with him for his top tunes of the moment.

Stas Drive

1. Sea – Young Lovers Searching Stars (Stas Drive Remix) [System]

“I think this is one of the  deepest remixes made by me, lately . It will be a pleasant surprise for anyone who expects me to play something very deep and dance. I play it absolutely everywhere and it affects the public in a very special  way. The track is already on sale on Beatport and could be evaluated by the listener.”

2. Guy Mantzur & Nick Warren – Sad Robot (Original Mix) [Bedrock]

“The shamans: Guy Mantzur and Nick Warren have instantly blown my mind with this outstanding collaboration! Bright, optimistic, dreamy spring-summer feelings with it , which  reminds me about  the period of underground progressive house  popularity of around the world. it was the years 2003-2004 which inspired me wonderfully, I have a lot of amazing memories of those years.  An absolutely irreplaceable trump track on the dancefloor today 🙂 . I’m definitely sure that this track will be played at the brightest festivals all around the world this spring and not only.”

3. Guy Gerber & Deniz Kurtel – Here Comes The Rain [Rumors]

” One of my favorite musicians today,  Guy Gerber  whose sound signature is instantly recognizable: enchanting synthesized lead, both soft and promt rhythm,  always having a massive groove and an overall analog sound that I love very much lately.  I have played many times this joint with Deniz Kurtel track and i’m sure that i will include it in my sets for a long time yet.”

4. Z.O.L.T. – Language Without Words (Original Mix) [Miocene]

“I don’t know absolutely nothing about this artist but i  was thrilled when i heard his  work! A very attractive atmospheric sound with elements of deep, tech, progressive and dub like I love! Actually, I would reccomend everyone to listen to this beauty.”

5. Interaxxis – Natural Fear (Sahar Z & Khen Remix) [Plattenbank]

“These two have always surprised me, each one  individually and together as we can see 🙂 ! It is another  great collaboration of Sahar Z and Khen, a  perfect remix for one of my favourite labels Plattenbank and if my memory serves me well, this  it is their second joint experience which has  convinced me again, that the Israeli school of underground electronic music is strong and leads the scene. It is a beautiful hypnotic track that fits perfectly into my sets. I love it”

6. Pete Oak & Notize – Merula (Martin Roth Remix) [Subject]

“The  Danish young producer Pete Oak , an already recognizable name on the deep and tech house scene and with the remix by Martin is another favorite among the today’s tracks that i often play in my sets. It is as well one of the most favorite of mine these days.”

7. Stas Drive – Carnival 69 (Original Mix) [Spaghetti Monster]

“This analog groove track i created specifically for Miami conference 2015, for young Russian vinyl label Spaghetti Monster which coming out in late of March. Honestly it is most played track now in my tracklists. Because actually lately I’ve been trying to experiment with my favorite grooves  more and more with every new day, and reaction of the dancefloor was repeatedly pleasantly surprised me.”

8. Jon Charnis & Dance Spirit – Satellite [Supernature]

“Supernature records with another interesting collaboration! And here I’m growing preference for my good friend from Los Angeles , Jon Charnis. Each track of him  made me happy and this work is no exception. It is as  delicious as ever, with the right groove and genuine deep house.”

9. Robert R. Hardy – Vibrations (Li-Polymer Remix) [Soundteller]

 “An absolutely beautiful remix by Li-Polymer for Robert R. Hardy,  I have  also  included it in my top 10! I simply cannot  be  indifferent to this stunning work! Excellent deep sound as i like. I am higly recommending this beauty.”

10. Butch & Hohberg – The Spirit (Adriatique’s 7am Remix) [Watergate]

“I think that the auditory would agree with me about this remix from Adriatique.  It is a  very gentle, intelligent, melodic and harmonious one. Generally, i don’t know what else could i say about it but, there is something special in this track.”

Stas Drive’s remix of Sea ‘Young Lovers Searching Stars’ is out now on System Recordings, you can purchase the release: here

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