What’s In Your Box: Cristian R

Kasall & Cristian R’s ‘Eastern Sound EP’ is out this week on Flow Records, we take a look at what’s been rocking Cristian’s dance floors in the latest episode of What’s In Your Box.

Cristian R

1. Kasall & Cristian R – Outer Space (Original Mix)  [Sudbeat]

” This is a track in particular and I leave I were very pleased with the completion of our EP, we used a lot in the club’s and saw very good answers, then Hernan Cattaneo gave us their support using it in White Ocean, Burning Man (26-08- 2014) for us was a huge joy.”

2. Kasall & Cristian R – Deepness (Original Mix) [Sudbeat]

“This was the beginning of our EP which was then closed for the best, it’s a track with everything you need atmospheres, percussions, deep melodies and a unique flight. Also pleased to hear it live on D-Nox (Mod – Buenos Aires – 27-03-2015) was a great moment for us.”

3. Cristian R – Shine (Original Mix) [Unsigned]

“One of my new tracks finished for the next months, was already playing in several Proton Radio show on radio, this track has a groove very worn and pretty melodies.”

4. Cristian R – Nightunder (Original Mix) [Unsigned]

“Also one of the track that sono on Proton Radio, a creation of days with atmospheres and melodies found fun to play on the track.”

5. Kasall & Cristian R – Motion (Original Mix) [Flow Records]

” One of the tracks that will be in the next EP by Flow Records, has a great groove and dark sounds really played percussions, we are very happy with the results Kasall.”

6. Kasall & Cristian R – Basement (Original Mix) [Unsigned]

“This track was finished two weeks ago with very good results and this has in particular a more techno tech house sound, thought also to the dance floor.”

7. Caribou – Can’t Do Without You (Nick Muir Remix)

“It is a beautiful remix of Nick Muir has everything, will be used in our presentations.”

8. LOM – Drops (Stas Drive Remix) [Golden Wings Music]

“Great remix by Stas Drive, has a groove and deep melodies with atmospheres also to be played club’s.”

9. Guy Mantzur and Roy Rosenfeld – Epika (Original Mix) [Kompakt]

“Beautiful track for tracks of the club. It is a unique and lovely sound.”

10. Cristian R – Deimos (Original Mix) [Renaissance]

“Past two years of this track still continues to cause feelings of happiness in my and many people, especially my girlfriend 🙂 but it’s always beautiful to hear a list of tracks by sometimes mornings before starting new projects.”

‘Eastern Sound’ is out now on Flow Records, you can purchase the release: here

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