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What’s In Your Box: Danny Oliveira

With Danny Oliveira’s remix of Tiago de Renor out now on Slideways Music, we take a look at what’s been rocking his dancefloor’s in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?

Danny Oliveira

1. Just Her – Flatline Feat. Calder (Dubspeeka Remix) [Suara]

No particular order here, but we start with this one. Lets base this chart in a night of super grooves for me. It’s intimate, i love Calder on the vocals, i just got to know Just Her’s work few months ago, instantly fell in love with her music and Dubspeeka is a guy who represents modernism very well through his sound, so I’m a big fan.

2. Tiago de Renor – Mil Row (Danny Oliveira Remix) [Slideways]

I met Tiago a few years ago, when he was just a kid that liked music. Now’s he’s grown out of that kid, and has seen the true power of music. I’m glad he’s working with Tim Penner on this one. He’s being watched, closely. We all are! 0.0  I’m happy to mention that he has taken the blue pill as well. No way back for you dude! I like this remix a lot btw. 

3. Dosem – Cuts of Cats (Mathias Kaden & Daniel Stefanik Remix) [Suara]

This one has both the power for a great transition track and a great set finisher! Like last track of the night kind of thing, and everybody says bye bye, “we can all go home now, we’re all deaf and starving here people :)”

4. Danny Oliveira – Stargazer (Original Mix) [Chapter24]

It’s the theme, something about it, i’m huge Blade Runner fan, brings me much joy to play this one every time. Couldn’t be more proud. 🙂 Big love for the supporters out there and everybody involved 🙂 

5. Funk D’Void – Soul Slap [Soma Records]

I love me some Funk D’Void. When do we all get to play a new one from the Funk master? I play both Original and Heiko Laux’s. It’s uplifting and good for the soul, reminds me of open air techno parties during the day time with the lollypops and the shades on, just grooving, feeling good and staying cool 🙂

6. John Johnson – Impact (Jamie Stevens Remix) [238W]

Jamie is a genius. This one is super bumpy man. Soon as it starts mixing out of the transition and i get that the low frequencies on, it’s power time!! Tech Crunch. I just can’t wait to grab his forthcoming stuff.

7. Cid Inc – Orbiter [microCastle]

Another Genius. This one is special because Cid called it “Different”, right here on Change Underground’s “What’s In Your Box” and that called my attention. This one falls right into the space and the time that we are in right now. I think it translates what the new underground dance floor experience is all about. It’s slower, so its fatter, and it burns the feet. A true hypnotic journey.

8. Charlie May – MM / Pushkah [Bedrock]

KICK              KICK              KICK               KICK 
Lets keep the geniality sparkling in here. Charlie is a true hero of sound. Needless to say, but we keep on loving every time he decides to come back to our world. Im sure he’s quite happy where his base is (somewhere in Saturn) but we want more Charlie! Strong sound signature, productions that go light years ahead, so futuristic and so full of form and warmth. Mayhem! MM is dark and it’s got a chug, super groove,  very spacial,  trippy-a**-stuff 🙂 Super happy to grab some new Charlie May.  

9. Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie – Kavolrak (Joel Mull Remix) [Karlovak]

Basically spinning anything from Joel Mull right now. He’s another genius. Some of them i play at a slower speed, and i can also play them in peak time speeds, as they are. So this is a cool thing i get to do. Sometimes there’s a part of the percs that i like, so i can make loops of all kinds of parts of his recent tunes for whatever vibe i need to fill in there. Sometimes you get into a track and come out the next without meaning. It’s a dangerous thing i think, so i make sure i can loop everything i can. To fill in whatever space i need to. This particular one here is so old school, would be improper of me not to play.

10. Danny Oliveira – Touch The Sky [Keep Thinking]

So this one i wrote super inspired when i was up in the Faraya Mountains in Lebanon. Grabbed my phone and started recording some ideas, i didn’t have much time in the hotel room but i got the basic stuff done. This track expresses the exact feeling i had at the moment and i just wanted to translate that into sounds. After all, these are all feelings and vibes. Special times that made a big part of my life. 

Danny’s remix for Tiago De Renor ‘Mil Row’ is out now on Slideways, you can purchase the release: here

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