What’s In Your Box: Daraspa

With Daraspa’s remix of Napalm & d-phrag ‘Event Horizon’ getting released on Clinique Recordings we take a look at what’s been rocking his dance floors in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?


1. Neil Browne – Clear (Deepfunk Remix) [Kyubu Records]

“Ever since I heard one of those really deep tunes from deepfunk ( I believe it was fruit love) on system records I have been a big fan . This is one of his best remixes to date in my opinion. Great drive and very complex rhytms “

2. Barnt – Cherry Red (Tale of Us & Recondite Mix) [Magazine]

“One of the highlights already this year was the Tale of us Essential mix BBC debut. When I heard this one I was really blown away. Really captures that typical tale of us sound and easily blows everyone  away on the dance floor.

03. Kurt Baggaley – Former Self (The Drifter Remix) [Something Happening Somewhere]

I’m really into arpeggio pattern right now and Kurt baggeley’ s original contains a very mesmerizing one. The drifter is the man of the moment right now. Every remix he touches is pure gold.  He kept the arpeggio and added his magic and made this track into a classic master piece.

04. Kiasmos – Burnt (Original) – [Erased Tapes]

Perfect track for closing a set. Very mesmerizing bassline, epic choirs and a great movement towards the final break.

05. Andre Sobota – Morning Lust (Mictrotrauma remix) [microCastle]

I think microtrauma really added to the original here. It is written in the major scale and so its perfect for a more happy vibe in my sets.

06. Dark soul Project – Al Sur [Hope recordings]

Instant classic. This one is always in my box. I love everything about this track! Hopefully more tracks like this will be made in the future.

07. Cid Inc. – Temazcal (Original Mix) [Sudbeat]

Very mesmerizing track by Cid who is on fire right now with his topnotch productions. Pure quality.

08. Napalm & d-phrag – Event Horizon (Daraspa Remix) [Clinique recordings]

Brand new remix that I made a while ago. I always loved the sound of deep dish and I tried my best to capture that old deep dish sound in this one. Its spacey , has a lot of drive in it and offcourse some typical daraspa choirs and vocals.

09. Daraspa – Antko (Original Mix) [Sound Avenue]

One of my originals that fits everywhere in my sets. Madloch picked it up and released it on sound avenue on his first sound avenue CD. Got very good support for it and love to play it.

10. Moderat – This Time (Daraspa bootleg) [CDR]

I love moderat and I realy wanted to make a bootleg of one of their songs. I picked this one since it is so deep and melodramatic. The synths in the end really give me chicken skin on my body. Perfect closing track for me.

Daraspa’s remix of Napalm & d-phrag ‘Event Horizon’ is out now on Clinique Recordings, you can purchase those releases: here

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