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What’s In Your Box: Deepfunk

Deepfunk’s brand new remix of Neil Browne ‘Clear’ is out this week on Kyubu Records, we take a look at what’s been rocking his dance floors this month in the latest episode of What’s In Your Box.


1. Wesley Matsell – Bismuth [Cambria Instruments]

“Wesley is an artist whom I followed from the start, you don’t get a lot of  music from him, but each track he makes is just quality. Bismuth is no exception.”

2. Deepfunk – Secret Souls (Petar Dundov Remix) [Sixtysevensuns]

“Definitely one of my favorite artists, Petar has been in the scene for decades. Having him remix on the label was a big pleasure for me.”

3. Neil Browne – Clear (Deepfunk Remix) [Kyubu Records]

“End of set track….. it’s one of my most favorite remixes I’ve done :)”

4. Camea – Black Sparrow [Bpitch Control]

“Perfect track for setting up the mood for a long journey. Been playing this a lot.”

5. Mathew Jonson – Level 7 (Crosstown Rebels)

“I mostly use this track as a tool in dj sets, it goes really well with loads of other tracks.”

6. Coldplay – Midnight (Jon Hopkins Remix) [FFRR]

“Brilliant stuff from a huge artist.. Hopkins hitting the nail on the exact centre of the head!!”

7. Percussions – Ascii Bot

“Big fan of Four Tet’;s music, this track is perfect to start with.. Very hypnotic arp and fat baseline. Can’t ask for anything else.”

8. Percussions – January 2014

“This has been in my sets for quite a long time, I love the kind of retro feeling this track gives me.”

Deepfunk’s remix of Neil Browne ‘Clear’ is out now on Kyubu Records, you can purchase the release: here

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