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What’s In Your Box: GMJ

With GMJ’s remix of Kaan Koray ‘Love’ out this week on Soundteller Records’, we take a look at what’s been rocking his dancefloor’s in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?


1. Pedro Aguiar – Distant Suns (Sudbeat)

“been loving Pedro’s sound for a long while now, and his latest ep on Sudbeat is a real gem. Distant suns is my favourite for its beautiful haunting melodies over hovering groove; there is a huge spatiality in the sound, a timeless piece perfect for indoors or out!”

2. Quivver – Time go by (Bedrock)

“Quivver has been a favourite of mine since the 90’s & he continually shifts & changes his sound pallet & perspective; his latest ep however re-enters the territory where i enjoy his sounds the most, with 3 deeper gems.. time goes by is a pefect melodic piece for the early evenings or early mornings with just the right mix of emotional cues & rounded depth. The production level is amazing to complement that”

3. Michael A – Edge (GMJ mix) (Balkan Connection)

“Really happy with how this one came out; Michael A is one the best new progressive artists around & is always  inpsiring to remix…the groove for the mix pushes things along nicley for the dancefloor while the melodies & sound design build into a  heightened crescendo… I felt it really held the moment!”

4. Michael A – Kingdom Siren (Genesis Music)

“Michael A is an exciting talent who just keeps getting better, and for me this is his best work so far… It is a throwback to an old school progressive type sound but with modern production smarts & intricacies.. Its haunting melodies & tight groove make it a lock to work the floor for those moments where people want to lose themselves; great stuff.

5. Luka Sambe – Where’s Dennis (Temporum Music)

“first heard this track some months ago on promo from Luke Porter & was blown away by it. The detail & production quality are absolute top notch, and for me this is the perfect opening tune. It is a real musical gem that just won’t date & Luka is a producer to look out for with plenty more amazing music on the way, and a real nice guy to boot!”

6. Kaan Koray – Love (GMJ devotion mix) (Soundteller)

“my first release on a fantastic up & coming label in Soundteller, and happy with the outcome! The track finds the right balance of atmospherics & funk in the groove, leading into a breakdown which highlights the title with subtle melodies & rhythms.. a great original & other mixes also!”

7. Luis Junior – Pink Clouds (Van Did mix) (Manual Music)

“another track i can’t stop listening to & playing since i first got it back in early May.. such a wonderful piece of music, filled with such depth & mood, coupled with a subtlety that is never overstated but assured.. the glitch & vocal elements give it the perfect amount of spice to round out a gem”

 8. Robert R Hardy – Joys of Soul (Matter mix) (Clinique recordings)

“ this is a bit harder than my usual current fare, but i heard it on a system one night with a mate & it blew me away; love Matty’s sound, it is really unique, so warm & dancefloor friendly, & this mix provides both depth & drive with a huge amount of feeling.. Big phat analog sounds don’t hurt either! A dance floor weapon”

9. James Monro – Serum (GMJ mix) (Particles – CDR)

“not quite released yet, but very pleased with this; it is a 9 minute builder that is a real journey piece. Such a strong original from James with a distinctive acoustic guitar motif that was a real influence & the groove & melodic phrasing are built around different takes on this.. A whole lot of work & love went into this piece & it has a high attention to detail which should please!”

10. Roger Martinez – Trans (Lost & Found)

“it would probably be difficult for me to do a current top 10 without a new lost & found release in it! Having said that, this is a really special track, it is such a beautiful subtle flowing gem from Roger, it always stays light but still has a perfect groove for the floor.. The melodies are particularly awesome, building to a sensational break which expands the arpeggio style melody into blissful fruition. The accompanying vocal samples & atmospherics make for a dreamy track of the highest order”

GMJ’s remix of Kaan Koray ‘Love’ is out now on Soundteller Records, you can purchase the release: here

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