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What’s In Your Box: Groj

With Groj’s ‘Gala’ EP out this week on Box Records, we take a look at what’s been rocking his dancefloor’s in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?


1. Olaf Stuut ‘Spirograph’ (Original Mix)  [Traum]

“A very unique and crazy use of vocals. Best thing I’ve heard on Traum in several years. Also very useful in a set when you want people to pay attention to the music again.”

2. Pieter Stwijger ‘Gosspi’ (Original Mix) [Kompakt]

“I think this is the track of the year for me so far. The bassline line is simply awesome.”

3. Gunjah ‘Rave’ (Gui Boratto remix) [WHATIPLAY]

“Gui Boratto the architect giving us a lesson on structure in this one. Ballsy and it works! ”

4. Adriatique, Butch ‘The Spirit feat. Hohberg’ (Original Mix) [Watergate]

“Pure bliss in this one. Especially love the circular motion happening with the percs.”

5. Verche ‘Just a Theory’ (Original Mix) [System]

“A nice driving track, good for the legs and brain.”

6. Fort Romeau ‘Insides’ (Roman Flugel remix) [Spectral]

“Airy and reminiscent of early electronic music. Also digging the indie vibe on this one.”

7. Eelke Kleijn ‘The Voices’ (Drive Edit) [Ministry of Sound]

“Very pretty and groovy tune with epic chanting. Great piece of work!”

8. Flowers and Sea Creatures ‘Dimly Lit (Original Mix) [Strange Town]

“A beautifully woven track. Sensual and deep.”

9. Beacon ‘Fault Lines’ (Original Mix) [Bedrock]

“It’s a cool track, like to play it outside.”

10. The Astronomer ‘Una’ (Original Mix) [Revival]

“A very groovy track, and quirky at the same time. Lots of interesting ideas.”

‘Gala’ EP is out now on Box Records, you can purchase the release: here

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