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What’s In Your Box: Jamie Stevens

With Jamie Stevens’ new remix of John Johnson ‘Impact’ released this week on 238W we take a look at what’s been rocking his dance floors in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?

Jamie Stevens

1. Robert Babicz ‘Bassporn’ (Guy Mantzur Remix) [BaBICZSTYLE]

“A superb slow-burner of a tune. Guy absolutely nails the hypnotic groove idea here and pays dividends at the ¾ mark.”

2. Avidus ‘Heptachord’ (4/4 Version)  [Accoldade]

“Sometimes tracks just appear randomly in your life at just the right time. This is one of them; a stripped-back, musical smile that raises its hands and says “life is good”.”

3. Danny Oliveira ‘Saikin Do’ (Original Mix)  [Chapter 24 Records]

“This label is on fire right now and it’s hard to pick a recent fave but this is up there. It comes from the man that is DNYO and his new alias sees him delivering a masterful atmospheric techno cut that has just the right kind of energy for my sets. I love it.”

4. Somniloquist ‘Flowerized (Moritz Guhling)  [Manual Music]

“Achingly beautiful new work from the Manual Music stable. There’s certainly something about swung shakers, arpeggiations and minor chord progressions that just makes me weak at the knees. An awesome mood-creator.”

5. Dale Middleton ‘Think of You’ (Original Mix)  [Sudbeat]

“Mr. Middleton has been flying high over the past year with a solid set of releases. He effortlessly straddles the occasionally treacherous terrain occupied by euphoric progressive and ball-breaking techno. I haven’t played many sets in the past 12 months that haven’t featured at least one tune from this man and this new one does the business yet again.”

6. Loud Neighbour ‘The Fellonship’ (Octave One Remix) [W0rkt34m]

“Masterful analogue techno from Brooklyn remixed by the Detroit dons. The chords that enter at the half way point give it this early 90s texture which appeals to me greatly. Have Octave One ever produced anything not amazing?”

7. John Johnson ‘Impact ’ (Jamie Stevens Tech Dub) [238 West]

“The classic staple of Sasha and Digweed’s sets from the early 00’s gets the remix treatment from Cid Inc and myself. I enjoy creating my Tech Dubs where I can throw a few curveballs, experiment and get a tad twisted.”

8. Eddie Hale ‘Promethium’ (Original Mix) [FLASH]

“Melbourne has been the home of a huge number of talented techno artists and here is one of them; Eddie Hail. This tune just got released on Florian Meindl’s excellent FLASH imprint. Solid, understated techno beauty. One for plateauing and creating space. Eddie is coming through so watch out!”

9. SQL ‘Untitled’ (Steve Ward Remix) [Gem Recordings]

“My brother from another mother delivers an absolutely stonking peak-time remix which is actually a cleverly done remix of ALL 3 of SQL’s tracks off his new EP! This is an upcoming release on Gem who have a habit of releasing absolute quality and of course, you’re going to get that with SQL at the helm and Mr. Ward on remix duties.”

10. Chymera ‘Pump ’ (Original Mix) [Cocoon Recordings]

“Trawling through my Chymera tunes the other day, I found this that I forgot I had this so into the box it re-went. It’s a perfect closer for epic sets with its wide, warm synths and tough open hi hats. Beautifully structured, constantly ebbing and flowing. Gorgeous.”

Jamie’s remix of John Johnson ‘Impact’ is out now on 238 West, you can purchase the release: here

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