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What’s In Your Box: Kamilo Sanclemente (Inside A Dream Edition)

With Kamilo Sanclemente’s debut album ‘Inside a Dream’ getting released this week on Majestic Family Records, he takes us through a track by track breakdown in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?

Kamilo Sanclemente


I wanted to include as the first song of this album a track which had a lot of feeling, its melody is inspired on the sad and hard memories that very often feed our desire to go on. As an initial track it has a deep house rhythm with melodies and atmospheres typical of progressive.


Mauro Aguirre is not only a longtime friend; he was also one of the deejays that influenced me to begin with this long and beautiful journey, overtime music joined us in an artistic society that was consolidated beyond a friendship to a true brotherhood. Indisputably we had to pay tribute to music in this album from our personal and artistic experiences. For me this is one of the most special tracks of this album.


Highly influenced by the current sound of artists like Solomun who manage to capture the public through tech house base rhythm heavily loaded with groove contrasting with vocal house and cosmic melodies, I wanted to add a track with such characteristics to my album, it is a thought and designed music selection to enjoy being on the dance floor.


Aurora has everything, its tech house Groove that incites you to dance, an ethnic melody made with Andean flute that evokes our colorful Latin America, and the trance dynamics are a tribute to the music that captivated me.  Aurora is the track that sums up my musical taste.

-Legendary Soul-

This is one of those musical works that leave their mark; it’s a connection with our mother earth. The idea was to involve a strong rhythmic foundation with an atmosphere that transmits spirituality, a shamanic song that reaches our soul. The purpose of this track is to connect, to give meaning and balance to the musical selection presented this album.

-Behind the Sun-

From the first time I saw the movie “Gladiator” not only I got trapped with its story but the music provoked an indescribable feeling in me. Like a musical resource within the creative process I decided to include some vocal extracted from the soundtrack; affected by duplication’s and reverberations so they could fit into a strong rhythm which makes this piece a true musical proposal

-Guidance of Constellations-

A track that I always wanted to do, diving into the unfamiliar terrain that is techno and being able to merge melodic sounds was a nice challenge that I definitely couldn’t resist

-Inside a Dream-

Inside a dream is a story of union, an artistic pact among two friends (David Barragan aka Dabeat  & Kamilo Sanclemente) who joined  in the name of love for  the music to create this beautiful track that gives the name to the album. With a classic progressive house style, recorded live vocals and trance arpeggios, inside a dream is definitely the most complex and ”musical ” piece of this compilation.


Reflections is the return to reality, the song that wakes us up from this amazing dream come true, it’s the top of the mountain where we appreciate the long road. A track that leads me early in my career, a simple idea with a straightforward melodic line that inspires and progressive – trance old school sound.

‘Inside a Dream’ is out now on Majestic Family Records, you can purchase the release: here


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