What’s In Your Box: Kosmas Epsilon

With Kosmas Epsilon’s new collaboration with dPen out this week on The Last Of Us Music, we take a look at his favourite tracks of the moment in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?

Kosmas Epsilon

1. dPen, Kosmas Epsilon – Winter Is Coming (The Last Of Us Music)

“This is a track I made with my good friend Yannis a few years ago in Argentina. It has that classic progressive feel that we all know and love. Finally it gets released on October 9, at Yannis’ quality label The Last Of Us Music.”

2. Namito, Stevie R – Forgotten Edge (Parquet)

“Put together 2 of my favorite producers and this is the result. An analog journey into the deeper side of house music, that is guaranteed to make you shazam for it.”

3. Echonomist – Jupiter’s Jungle (Memento)

“Another consistent producer from my country, Petros’ music cannot be categorised that easily. It blends classic techno with psychedelic electronica and house beats in a special way that a few out there can make it successfully.”

4. Kosmas – Intentions (einsauszwei Remix) (Union Jack)

“einsauszwei definitely delivers in my latest release on Union Jack records. It might be the most calm version in the e.p., but it’s such a grower, to whoever I sent it, they loved it! I love it too, even more than my originals and that’s a statement.”

5. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Track For Life (Argy Remix) (Bedrock)

“Legends all the way. The artists, the label, they are the definition of progressive house history, all in one release!! And what a version Argy made.. Another big bomb in my box.”

6. Kosmas, dPen – Zona Roja (Sudbeat)

“This is another track we made together with Yannis recently, that we are excited to release on Hernan Cattaneo’s superb label Sudbeat, in the end of this month. A clever combo of house beats with deeper atmospherics and discrete melodies. Keep an eye out for it ;)”

7. SAAND – 0.16 (HearThuG Remix) (Dilate)

“My friend Michael (SAAND) gets deep into production and shows his skills on the quality label Dilate, from UK. Here is the HearThuG remix, big at the moment with Sasha. Big with me too!!”

8. Jonas Saalbach – Everything Changes (Matt Hardinge Remix) (Motek)

“Motek is a label that jumped into the map of house music recently, but with such a great outcome so far. Here’s the remix of Matt Hardinge on Jonas Saalbach’s latest offering, a lovely piece of deep house, moody yet dancefloor-friendly. I have a few tracks coming out on Motek as well.”

9. Natural Flow, Mondkrater – Moon Walking (Alium)

“There are these 2 guys, Hugo & Antu, that almost never leave the studio. They work together as Natural Flow, having Mexico as their base. I am one of the lucky guys that listens to their music upfront and believe me, 2016 will be their year. Here’s the first release on their own label, Alium.”

10. D-Nox, Victor Ruiz – In Between (Sudbeat)

“No words for D-Nox, even the stones know him! He used to work almost exclusively with Beckers, but lately I see he’s into more collaborations. One of them just got released on Sudbeat and it’s a serious winner. Combining groove with breaks and dirty bass, this is my kind of a tune that I will play whenever I want to get a big reaction.”

‘Winter Is Coming’ is out now on The Last Of Us Music, you can purchase the release: here

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