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What’s In Your Box: Mariano Favre

With Mariano Favre’s new single ‘Bora Bora’ released this week on Golden Wings Music, we take a look at what’s been rocking his dancefloor’s in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?

Mariano Favre

1. Antrim – Float Divine (Namatjira Remix) [System Recordings]

“Great combination of groove and melodies, typical of artists like Antrim and Namatjira, whom always use their tracks. Perfect track for my main sets.”

2. Jelly For The Babies – Things Unspoken (Navid Mehr Lost Paradise Remix) [Balkan Connection]

“Navid is for some time now one of my favorite artists. In this remix he shows why. The breakdown with that voice and the conjunction of the pad and the melodies makes it perfect for the sound that I try to accomplish in my sets”

3. Kosmas – Addventures (Original Mix) [The Last Of Us]

“New artist for me, and so is the label. But with the quality of both, for sure I’ll start to follow more closely from now on. I love the hypnotic groove that achieved with the bassline and the melody. I will undoubtedly use this one”

4. Arjuna Schiks – With you (Original mix) [Crossfrontier]

“I can say without fear of contradiction that Crossfrontier is among my 3 favorite labels. Pure quality in every release, and this was no exception. Modern and clean sound, I love it”

5. Mariano Favre – Bora Bora (Original mix) [Golden Wings Music]

“For me it is a great honor to launch my own music on my own label. As you can see if you follow my track record, I don’t release much own music. This is because my college career has consumed most of my time during the last seven years, but I am happy to say has come to an end. So from now on, I hope you can enjoy more tracks coming out of my studio.”

6. G-Mohris – Empty Space (Original mix) [Bedrock]

“Masterpiece. One of the best tracks on the disc for me. The broken percussion and absolutely hypnotic arpeggio blow my mind. I never get tired of hearing it.”

7. Jamie Stevens – My Tears Don’t Help Me (Guy J Remix) [microCastle]

“Well, what to say about this? They joined one of my favorite labels and one of my favorite producers. The result? An excellent track full of strength, groove, modern percussion and all the magic of Guy J. I will definitely play this for a long time.”

8. Cani – Psique (Balcazar & Sordo Remix) [Akbal Music]

“This track already has a few months, but it fineness makes it remains one of my favorites today. The breakdown is absolutely brilliant, and melodies that appear along the track make it really amazing”

9. Faskil – Better (Ewan Rill Remix) [Welcome Music]

“The bassline deserves all the applause. Perfect groove to destroy the dancefloor. Killer tune. Great work from Ewan again”

10. Ziger – Systematic (Khen Remix) [Plattenbank]

“Khen never fails. Each of its tracks is a guaranteed success, as each release of Plattenbank. Excellent remix to play in main hour.”

‘Bora Bora’ is out now on Golden Wings Music, you can purchase the release: here

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