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What’s In Your Box: Michael A

With Michael A’s ‘23.59 AM’ and remix for Antrim’s ‘Landscape of Moon’ released this week we take a look at what’s been rocking his dance floors in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?

Michael A

1. Michael A ‘INDONESIA’ Original Mix  [Temporum]

“The track written for a label of my friend Luke Porter is a lot of soul in this work, my favourite track.”

2. Michael A ‘Library’ Original Mix [Lowbit]

“One more my track which is let out on a label Sonic Union composition with the crackling sound and hypno a melody, remains for me actual long time.”

3. Decepticons ‘Easter Promise’ Guy J Remix [Free]

“Remix, from my my favourite musician, with excellent drum section and dark sound elements, the best choice for a dance floor.”

4. Pedro Aguiar ‘Ego Tripping’ Original Mix [Lost&Found]

“one of the best tracks of this year which received popularity in the Guy J sets, the bewitching sounding with cool vocal inserts, 10/10.”

5. Interaxxis ‘Natural Fear’ Sahar Z & Khen Remix [Plattenbank]

“Reunion of two excellent musicians, cool groove, stylish melody, magnificent bass, great track.”

6. Michael A  ‘23.59 Am’ Original Mix [Genesis Music]

“The worthy beginning for opening of my label, I tried to make the memorable melody, the track which got support from Hernan Cattaneo in his sets and in a personal May top.”

7. Mike Griego ‘Detune Me’ Original Mix [Sudbeat]

“oh yes I had this track long on a repeat, one of the best works of Mike, his percussion bewitches.”

8. David August ‘Epikur’ Original Mix [Innervisions]

“Magic travel, track forces to dream, I think more you shouldn’t speak, it is necessary to listen simply….”

9. Simon Shackleton ‘We All Shine On’ Stas Drive Remix [Hope]

“Excellent sound, crunch of shakers, low Bass, as I love all”

10.  Cid Inc. ‘Fragile Circle’ Original Mix [Sudbeat]

” Hit from Cid Inc, this track for a long time got to me into the head, very melodiously, was very glad to hear it”

Michael’s ‘23.59 Am’ and remix for Antrim ‘Landscape of Moon’ are out now, you can purchase those releases: here

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