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What’s In Your Box: MiraculuM

With MiraculuM’s ‘Neurone’ getting released on Stellar Fountain this week, we take a look at his favourite tracks of the moment in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?


1. C9 – A1T8I – Proton Music

“The mysterious C9 did the remix of the year for Lonya, and now he can top that with an own EP, which is fantastic. It’s catchy and epic in the same time, perfect recipe. The other track is good as well, but the sinister feel just hit me this time.”

2. Kosmas – Buch08 (Stevie R & Ian Mckenzie Remix) – Motek Music

“Kosmas doing great thing in 2015 and his year closing release is condign to his other materials. While the original works are stunning, I more into Stevie R and Ian McKenzie’s remix, where the lean structure perfectly melted with melodic themes, very intelligent music!”

3. Antrim – Disappear (Alessandro Diga Remix) – Soundteller Records

“Where the bells and ethereal voices are in the center those are my kind of stuffs, this is the fact with this track too. The reason I selected Alessandro Diga’s work as it’s more gloomy, blurred, and surrealistic than the original, dreamy piece of music.”

4. Bablak – Higher – Soundteller Records

“One more record from Soundteller that I must mention from a previously unknown producer for me called Bablak. The original track is a very ripe and all-round kind of music, all the elements are creative and absolutely in there place, catchy and mellow, operates with a massive baseline and builds well on the vocals, must have!”

5. Underground Ticket – Jumbled Love (Subconscious Tales Remix) – 238W

“It’s good to see the improvement in my fellow countryman’s Underground Ticket’s productions, and I can call him as one of the most interesting act in the scene now. i like to recommend the Subconscious Tales remix from his forthcoming release, which evolviong quite slow, but presents a fantastic dreamworld for our ears.”

6. Oliver Lieb pres. L.S.G. – Volpe (Original Mix) – BluFin

 “If Oliver Lieb release a new material I’m his best audience, maybe I’m not 100% sure always about what he is doing, but as the most determinate person in the evolution of my musical taste I’m still following his works recently. He picked his legendary moniker L.S.G and put together a melodic techno piece spiced with dub elements, which will takes us far if we allow, brilliant music.”

7. Arturo Hevia – Bohemian Groove (Stefan Z Remix) – Truesounds Music

“Arturo Hevia is one of my secret favourites, his remix from Fellsounds Raindrops (from 2012) became a member of my all time best of list. I selected Stefan Z’s rework in his new release, because of the plump and a bit “wet” feel rhythmic section which caught me so bad, while it keeps the melodic vein of the original produciton.”

8. MiraculuM – Neurone (Qbical Remix) – Stellar Fountain

“To tell the truth Qbical was on my remixer wishlist after his track Kepler, which came out on Manual. I was so happy when he confirmed on this request, and he proved his skills in his remix, which is playful, melodic and raw techno flavoured in one, highly recommended for everybody!”

9. Arjuna Schiks – Ankaa (Lake Avalon Remix) – Click Records

 “Another, slow, atmospheric, dreamer kind of production with a stripped down core of elements, this kind of sound which I’m really enjoying nowdays. Like the minimalist way it builds up, which turns out as a detailed piece and takes us on a journey.”

10. Bleedin Neutron – Steel Pillars Of Dawn (Antti Rasi Remix) – Inmost Records

 “I received so many great remixes on this track which is a side project of mine. My personal favourite is Antti Rasi’s version, who created an awesome groove under the original theme, shaping it into a dancefloor friendly music. Just like what he did with the acid parts as well, real quality stuff!”

‘Neurone’ is out now on Stellar Fountain, you can purchase the release: here

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