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What’s In Your Box: Namatjira

With Namatjira’s debut album ‘Friends Without Benefits’ getting released this week on 3rd Avenue, he takes us through a track by track breakdown in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?


1. ‘I Did Not Cry’ (Original Mix)  [3rd Avenue]

“A few years ago I was a huge fan of CSI (and all spinoffs) after watching a lot of episodes and tracked down the musical composer behind a few scores (Jeff Cardoni) I decided to try and do my own score. This try resulted in ‘I Did Not Cry’. When I started compiling tracks for the album, I knew this one had to be on it.”

2. ‘Traveling To Civilisation’ [3rd Avenue]

“When you google my artist name you will notice there is a similarity with the Aboriginal painter Albert Namatjira. When I was 8 years old my interest for Australia started after my old-uncle, who was living in a country on the other side of the world visited our family and told me story’s about kangaroo’s, koalas and so on. In 2006 I went down under for the first time. When visiting an Aboriginal community in Northern Territory (Hermannsburg), I heard this remarkable story about Albert Namatjira and got caught by his paintings and knew I wanted to combine my deeper musical project with this name.  With ‘Traveling To Civilisation’ I tried to get that feeling again, I had in Hermannsburg.”

3. ‘Wergaia feat. Mz Sunday Luv’ [3rd Avenue]

“After working with Mz Sunday Luv last year on Lonya’s imprint Asymmetric Recordings I felt in love with her hauntingly beautiful vocals. I knew I wanted to work with her again. With Wergaia I’m telling the listener an almost 11 minute musical story that got complete by the vocals of Mz Sunday Luv.”

4. ‘Nowhere Rhodes’ [3rd Avenue]

“Nowhere Rhodes is build on a sound that occur when I tried making a Rhodes sound with a subtractor (analog type polyphonic synthesizer based on subtractive synthesis) working in my DAW, Propellerheads Reason. The sound didn’t even come close to a Rhodes, but I liked it so much I played this theme melody with it and build the rest of the track around this “nowhere Rhodes” sound.”

5. ‘Friends Without Benefits’ [3rd Avenue]

“Last year Hernán Cattáneo played the Woodstock ’69 venue and did an unforgettable set! This amazing atmosphere at Woodstock ‘69 gave me so much inspiration I had to write something with the feeling I had. After getting back from the event I almost duck immediately in the studio and started working with that feeling and ‘Friends Without Benefits’ is the result .”

6. ‘Mosquitoes Love To Play Hide and Seek’ [3rd Avenue]

“This track is one of those tracks that suck me in immediately when I was working on it. I remember I had to finish it despite of the late night hours I was working on it. This happens every no and then and with Mosquitoes it happened big time.”

7. ‘Piiramo’ [3rd Avenue]

“Piiramo is one of the tracks I feel lucky, I could add it on the album. I had finished about 4/5 album tracks when I got struck by an HD crash. Thinking I had backed up everything right, I discovered I lost 10 years of projects, samples etc. With the help of a friend of a relative I was able to get a few projects back. Piiramo was one of these projects. This HD crash made me learn to back up things better and no I’m even making a backup of a backup….”

8. ‘Marimbas & Angels’ [3rd Avenue]

“At the Amsterdam Dance Event last year I had 15 tracks selected that in my opinion could be album tracks. After hooking up with people that earned their spurs in the music business and letting them here what I was working on, I knew I was on the right track. When started compiling the definite tracklist I was working on ‘Marimbas & Angels’ I send this one to Dominique (Sound Avenue, 3rd Avenue and Crossfade Sounds label manager), thinking it could complete the tracklist of the album and he agreed. “

9. ‘Remedy feat. Ghost Wars’ [3rd Avenue]

“I had finished this track called ‘Decoded Interpretation’ which I liked a lot, but I wasn’t sure if it was strong enough to do some “damage” on the dance floor. I had put it away until Darin Epsilon collaborated with New York based singer-songwriter Chris Sevier better known as Ghost Wars. Their track ‘All That Could’ve Been’ which I heard in an early stage made me realize I wanted to work with Chris, to complete my track and make it dancefloor ready. I contacted Chris and send him my track. After a few days I got back his first interpretation and I knew I made the right choice for the track.”

‘Friends Without Benefits’ is out now on 3rd Avenue.
Digital release available: here
CD release available: here

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