What’s In Your Box: Orsen

With Orsen having new music out now on Replug, we take a look at his favourite tracks of the moment in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?


1. Stelios Vassiloudis – Blood Orange (Original Mix) [Bedrock]

You know when Stelios releases a new EP on Bedrock, it is going to be something interesting, individual and well produced, which I always look for in productions. This is another brooding, building, intricate piece of electronic music which is right up my street. Some clever sound designed snips and elements throughout, which keep the ears and brain entertained on both a conscious and subconscious level, with deceiving layered stabs and melodies which he squeezes all the juice from to weave them through the track, oh … and that moody bassline…. I really like it, a lot. Top work as always.

2. Miguel Bastida – Ecos (Tim Engelhardt Remix) [Suara]

Tim nails another remix! I am always keen to see what he is coming up with at the moment and he doesn’t disappoint with this one. A real roller, full of energy, repeating squelchy mid bass stabs and detailed lead and break elements will lift the mood instantly. As well as Tim being a consistently solid producer, I am really liking some of the directions of Suara too at the moment, a win on all fronts for me.

3. Guy J – Diagonal (Original Mix) [Lost & Found]

It’s difficult to avoid sticking a Guy J track in when he has something out, as we all know he is consistently pioneering sounds and his productions are always mind bendingly good. I picked this particular track though because of it’s deep subtlety, a deceivingly simple track in appearance which leads you into a false sense of security, as it has a hypnotic drive which reels you in and doesn’t let you leave once it has you.

4. Mariano Mellino & Interaxxis  – A Rush Morning (Orsen Remix) [Replug]

Okay okay, it is one of mine, don’t shoot me 🙂  To be honest, it is as much a pointer to the original as my remix. Mariano and the Interaxxis boys did such a good job on the original track, I remember when they first sent it through to Replug, I couldn’t stop listening to it! Every now and then a track jumps out, sounds original and individual with a standout moment, this was one of those, really well produced and honest, it’s a track which doesn’t have to try too hard to be excellent. When I took it on to remix, the parts were so good I didn’t want to veer too far away from the original, just to give it my energy and flavour (whatever that is), and to do it justice. I hope that is something I have managed to capture with this remix, I know the guys were happy with it, which is really important to me when working on someone’s music.

5. Inxec, Droog – Day For Night (Theo Kottis Remix) [Last Night on Earth]

Another label which isn’t a great surprise for me to post is LNOE, but in particular this remix from Theo Kottis is sticking to me like glue, a real gem! There is something compelling in both the rhythms and synth elements through the track, which are designed and effected with panned delays to create a simple but haunting melodic flow, the movement is tweaked just enough to keep your brain totally synced to it and your feet moving on the floor. An evening warmer or an early morning drifter which you can count on if needed.

6. Sébastien Léger – Love Star (Original Mix) [Sudbeat]

I am no stranger to the Sudbeat family, so I am always excited to see what and who they have coming up next, so when I saw Sébastien Léger, I immediately thought “this is is going to be interesting!” I have been a fan of Sébastien’s music for years, so I was pleased to see what he had in store. The track which grabbed me from the EP is “Love Star”, with its infectious rhythm structure and elegant melody section, it has an ‘otherworldly’ cinematic feel in its sound and progression at times, and gives the track a real standout, individual feel. It’s a groover and a grower, I like it more and more every time I hear it!

7. Culoe De Song – Aftermath (Original) [Watergate Records]

Another deep vibey track which really grabs me from Culoe De Song. If there is something which never bores me, it is a well structured, intensely built piece of electronic music, and this is that all over.  A subtle blend of analogue tinged beats, noise ladened stabs, live ‘almost jazzy’ drum fills and a chord structure which builds through synth, to cello, to an undertone of deep vocal pads. A really individual production, which sits just as happily on a dark dance floor as it does in your headphones.

8. MUUI – Sentiment (Original Mix) [Crossfrontier Audio]

Currently one of my favourite producers ‘MUUI’ and labels ‘Crossfrontier’ in one package, what’s not to like there? MUUI is on form across the board at the moment and there is something which pulls me in and along with this track. The combination of analogue ARP’s crunching with saturation and moving with an ebb and flow, subtly building and winding with the melodic bassline and a continuous soundscape in the background, makes for a really nice moment which lasts for the entirety of the track. A lovely piece of gritty yet ghostly electronic music. Love it.

9. Cubicolor – Dead End Thrills (Patrice Baumel Remix) [Anjunadeep]

This is such an accomplished remix of Dead End Thrills, there is a lot of skill and beauty to be found in this production, from the percussive rhythms, which expertly build to complement the two corresponding bass elements and melodic stabs, to the delicate and mesmerising vocal which lifts the track to another level. The vocal itself seems to be left to have its rightful space as the centrepiece of the track, which I really like.  The build to the break is lovely, surrounded by shakers and pads which breeze into a rhythmic blast of noise before very tastefully dropping out to the backbone elements of the track again. A memorable and timeless track worth checking out.

10. Andhim – German Winter (Original Mix) [Superfriends Records]

This is a beautiful piece of work in any genre of music. Its simple melodic structure and ethereal feel lend itself to becoming a really tastefully produced piece of music. I personally love music which is soaked in effects and reverbs, so the elegant pads and ghostly background voices entwining themselves through the this track really drew me to it. It has a great structure which keeps you on board and a phat but perfectly positioned bassline to to push the track up and though the break with massively pleasing results.

Orsen’s remix of Mariano Mellino & Interaxxis is out now on Replug Records, you can purchase the release: here

You can purchase all of Orsen’s picks in his ‘A Rush Morning’ Beatport chart: here


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