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What’s In Your Box: Scotty.A

With Scotty.A’s ‘Glaciares’ EP’ out this week on Golden Wings Music, we take a look at what’s been rocking his dancefloor’s in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?


1. Deadbeat – I Get Low [BLKRTZ]

“Top marks to Canadian Scott Montieth aka ‘Deadbeat’, the phrase ‘spacey tribal dubno’ springs to mind, this track is BIG and at 12 minutes it does everything you could want it to. It progresses with a really dub driven tribal groove, filled with subtle melodic tones and a catchy vocal line you wont forget in a hurry. Perfect!”

2. Dave DK – Smukke Lyde [Kompakt]

“Well the Dave DK album on Kompakt was never going to dissapoint was it?? truly amazing work from start to finish, the one what really struck a chord with me was Smukke Lyde, really reminds me of Alex Stealthy’s productions from around the 2005/6, a sound i often like to listen back to for inspiration. Had this on repeat for a week when i got my hands on it. Pure magic!”

3. Damien Schwartz – Plastico [Oslo]

“Gone but not forgotton, this underground gem from 2008 has been a big hit for me this summer. In preparation for one of my residencies, I was digging through the collection for something which would stand out and deliver the unexpected. The reaction was that good when i dropped it at a party back in may, I’ve played it in every set since. its a real builder, with a brooding hypnotic groove that never lets up, and surprising disco elements that twist and turn, demanding instant attention! Long may it stay in the box!”

4. Jacques Bon & Virgo Four – Machine Love ( Instrumental Version) [Mule Musiq]

“Mule Musiq strikes again, with a back catalog thats rather intimidating, for me this label can do no wrong.  This latest offering see’s a simply stunning collaboration from Smallville’s Jacques Bon & Chicago house legend Virgo Four. The beauty of this down-tempo track is overwhelming, perfectly suited for any sunrise or sunset, this is a real gem!”

5. Mano Andrei & Azteca – Lost in crazy feelings (Oxia remix) [Cyclic]

“This is pure Dance floor dynamite, Oxia delivers again and another great addition from Mihai Popovicui’s Cyclic records. Oxia’s has taken a great original and worked his usual tension & killer drops into the mix. It has delivered every time!”

6. John Beltram – intro [Delsin]

“Holland’s Delsin Records never disappointing when it comes to putting out inspirational sounds. This cinematic offering from John Beltram & Natalie Beridze is no exception. I’m yet to use this out, but when something comes along which requires a grand entrance this will certainly be my choice. Watch out for the haunting vox element, has an air of Icelandic electronica about it!”

7. Machines in Heaven – Displacer (The Revenge Guitar Dub Remix) [HOTGEM]

“The Revenge always seem to pull something out of the bag i dont expect and this really does deliver the goods. A stabby driven bass proceeds with subtle meldic tones and great atmosphere, but what came after the break was truly unexpected. your first thought will be The XX or Tycho, A sublime melancholic guitar riff unfolds which really leaves you wanting more and more! Bravo, ‘The Revenge’ Bravo!”

8. Route 8 – Pacific Paradise [Lobster Theremin]

“My reaction was one of ‘Wow’ when i first heard this little gem. Amazing deep house from Route 8 on Lobster Theremin. Pro Tip: found this awesome label on Bandcamp, trust me there is a whole other world of underground music on this website. If you’re a true create digger the discoveries to be had here are seemingly endless.”

9. S-Man – 2 Close (Jimpster Dub) [Under The RadR]

“Perfect House music, really solid groover which offers up some rather tasty chords.  Being very fussy with vocals, the dub here was the one for me. The darting arpergio towards the end really sets it off, Great record!”

10. Vinyl Speed Adjust – Divider [Visionquest]

“Solid Hypnotic grooves which persists, and spellbinding tension which works things up. Great work here from Vinyl Speed Adjust.”

‘Glaciares’ is out now on Golden Wings Music, you can purchase the release: here

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