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What’s In Your Box: Tommi Oskari

With Tommi Oskari’s remix of Diyo ‘Underwater’ out this week on Juicebox Music, we take a look at what’s been rocking his dancefloor’s in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?

Tommi Oskari

1. Diyo ‘Underwater‘ (Tommi Oskari Remix)  [Juicebox Music]

“I’m so glad to finally have this one out! I finished this remix quite shortly after hearing the awesome original almost a year back and I’ve been anxious to get it in the open. Diyo did an amazing job with the original’s melodies and synths so I had a pretty easy job just arranging my own ideas around the foundation.”

2. Simos Tagias & Jorgio Kioris ‘Exist’ (Cid Inc Remix) [Replug]

“Henri gave his guaranteed Cid Inc treatment to Simos and Jorgios’ original with darker techno grooves complemented by floating pad chords in a beautiful breakdown. An excellent remix.“

3. Guy J ‘Stolen Memory’ (Original Mix)  [Plattenbank]

“I’m sure this one’s been mentioned in a lot of DJs’ charts over the summer but I just can’t help it, a beast of a track from Guy J in all its subtlety and power and an absolute pleasure to play out!”

4. Ewan Rill ‘Nadir’ (Original Mix)  [Stellar Fountain]

“Ivan has been putting out a ton of great music lately and this is just one example of his distinctive style. As usual, a bouncing bassline makes the heads nod while soulful melodies and a carefully carved atmosphere get you hooked in the groove.”

5. Roger Martinez ‘Trans’ (Original Mix)  [Lost & Found]

“Mind-blowing B-side from Roger’s EP on Guy J’s label. Sweet, bubbling arpeggios with an awesome groovy bassline.”

6. Ewan Rill ‘Walking Lights’ (Tommi Oskari Remix)  [Majestic Family Records]

“When I heard the hypnotic synth hook in the original I instantly knew what I wanted to do with it. I took the best parts of Ivan’s composition and made something in the lines of deep progressive house with a techno vibe. I’m really happy with how it turned out, the low-end groove works wonders in a club sound system.”

7. Khen ‘Arnica Montana’ (Original Mix)  [Parquet Recordings]

“Khen’s recent solo track on Parquet Recordings has been playing almost non-stop in my sets during the summer and for a good reason. Everything in it is masterfully crafted from the arpeggiated melodic elements to the thumping bassline-kick-combination and the perfectly treated groovy percussion.”

8. TR20 ‘Juxta’ (Original Mix)  [Baroque Records]

“The label bosses of Kyubu have been one of my favourite producers in the genre for a while now, their unique analogue sound combined with the always-awesome groove is always spot on. This new track is no exception.”

9. Cid Inc ‘Orbiter’ (Original Mix)  [microCastle]

“Absoutely in love with this original from Henri. A bit slower and deeper from his usual sound, ‘Orbiter’ goes down perfectly in a warm-up set with some deeper tech house at 119 BPM.”

10. Tommi Oskari ‘Bell Tolls’ (Original Mix)  [Mirabilis]

“Although I’ve been playing it since last winter, I still like to drop this one in every now and then. I don’t know what the mastering engineer did, but the bassline rumbles like a charm on a proper system!”

Tommi’s remix of Diyo ‘Underwater’ is out now on Juicebox Music, you can purchase the release: here

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