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What’s In Your Box: Uvo

With Uvo’s remix of Han Haak ‘Graffiti Kid’ out this week on Moonchild Records, we take a look at what’s been rocking his dancefloor’s in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?


1. Fur Coat – Pankow (Original Mix) [CrossTown Rebels]

“Fur Coat has always been a big part of my sets ” Pankow has a very great oldschool techno groove & Raw synths that just locks you up at some point of the night . Fur Coat at its best !!! ” 

2. Metodi Hristov – Dark Matter (Original Mix) [Deeper Perfect Records]

“Dark Matter” is one great percussive & dark track perfect for any crowd , stomping bass line and dirty percussions & some hits here and there to lose that monotomy , Metodi has been an outstanding producer lately !!!

3. Groove Armada – Shameless (Chaim Remix) [Moda Black] 

“Chaim Always seems to be hitting the spot on every thing he touches , and this remix for ‘ Groove Armada ” is a great demostration of his technical work on this one!”

4. Agents of Time – Metamorfosi (Original Mix) [Correspondant]

“Agents of time is pretty new to me and this original is absolute madness !! the melody gives me the chills everytime i listen to it , wonderful production!!!”

5. Donatello, Arnas D, Stefano Richetta – This Is (Original Mix) [Click Records]

“This track is pretty great for a peek time situation , the bass lines and the synths are pretty massive , Donatello & Arnas D , Stefano Richetta really suprised me on this one!”

6. Jamie Stevens – My Tears Don’t Help Me (Guy J Remix) [microcastle]

“Guy J is no stranger in my sets , and this remix is amazing , great percsussion and the bass line is just and beautiful melodies in and out make it pretty unique , once again guy j does it.”

7. Han Haak – Grafiti Kid (Uvo remix) [Moonchild Records]

“My remix for Han Haak really marks a point of changes in my sound lately, im trying to go for more of a modern techno melodic sound on this one, really had fun remixing Han thanks to the guys at Moonchild Records for the invite!”

8. Uvo – Until The End (Navid Mehr Remix) [Sound Avenue]

“Really glad to have Navid Mehr remix me for sound avenue , his remix is something unique , taking ” until the end ” in to a whole different Concept , hope soon every one can listen to this one!”

9. Jamie Stevens – Scintilla (Original Mix) [microcastle] 

“This is a master piece by Jamie , it has that unique Stevens sound all around Strange percussive sounds , some Vocal shots that give it a great vibe , and the details on this track are great!!”

10. Pedro Aguiar – Distant Suns (Original Mix) [SudBeat Music]

“Pedro Aguiar has become one of the top producers of the moment and his last ep on Sud beat music is fantastic , love ” Distant Suns ” the energy and the technical work on this track is wicked ! great work from pedro.”

Uvo’s remix of Han Haak ‘Graffiti Kid’ is out now on Moonchild Records, you can purchase the release: here

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