Why Israeli Singer, DJ, Producer Is A Name To Look Out For

Hey Rona, we hear you’re based Israel. Which local artists or clubs inspired you to get in to making music?

I was born in Israel , born into a musical family my grandfather is a respected composer and singer from Azerbaijan and my mother is a pianist and studied classical music. I grew up on Pop, Electronic, Rock, Movie soundtracks, video games music and classical music – all this cocktail inspired me and I found a home in house music. Usually when an artist I love comes for a gig in my country and I’m in the crowd, and all the people around, and the vibes are amazing and liberating and I can listen and delve into the set and the sound – I come home after that and have tons of inspiration – it affects me so well. My brain works really well after that.

You have a brilliant voice and we reviewed your latest release on Manual, which is really on point. For those who don’t know, how would you describe the style of music you’re making?

First of all, I blushed, thank you for the compliment. Vocally – I use my voice as a plugin for everything. There are tracks that the vocal is the main thing, and there are tracks that they are an accompanying role in the track. Over the years ,I learned to mix styles in my singing because – it is ethnic but in the same time it still Pop. You can also say it’s Melodic ,Deep and Afro.

Can you name some of the biggest positives or lessons from your career to date?

Life lessons. Do not give up when it is difficult and when there is no support. I continue to believe in what I do because it’s my soul.

Who has been supporting your latest releases?

I’m a beginner artist but I do feel now the effect of my last release “We are” on “Manual” –
on DJ’s and Producers around the world. The release is on his second week but I’m really happy about the feedbacks and the results I got so far. On the previous release “Sun on me” on Manual also I saw “Eelke kleijn” playing my track on his sets so it was really nice.

Tell us about your DJ setup when you’re performing. Any plans to perform live?

I am only at the beginning and building my name but I’d like to play in Ibiza, Burning Man, and Coachella :-).

About the equipment – usually the place has CDJ and Mixer. I bring DiskOnKey , “HD25 Sennheiser” Headphones , Macbook with Ableton, an “apogee” Sound card and a Microphone.

I could go full power on Ableton Live, but that’s more convenient for me to play. Because I have more control over the tracks I can play. So I play as any DJ but have the Ableton as well – because there are plugins I like and use as effects on the vocals and it’s cooler than the effects in the regular mixer.

What are your next goals with the labels you want to appear on?

My goal is to work and a lot as a producer and as singer. I would like to work with people who understand my music, the messages within my music and what I have to offer as independent artist and most importantly my vision – my content is spiritual and they are about consciousness and sound but on other hand this is House music and people want to dance and I want to give them a full experience – music for body, mind, and soul.

 Do you have any future news or things you want to share that maybe people don’t know?

I follow my heart, making music is not working like a robot – this is what you are going through.
but on other hand, you can’t sleep. You need to constantly improve, learn, develop and move out of your comfort zone.  I may be surprised tomorrow and have no idea where I can go and be. So I expect myself to be better, to work hard and smart – because the universe feel it and will give you the same thing.


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