Yarranton & Young – Clear & True (Stellar Fountain)

Yarranton & Young teamed up for a symphonic house experience called ‘Clear & True’. Anthony and Andy has created the right definition for a sheer beauty, standing on the crossroad of electronic and classical music. Stanisha and Andy Weed made two massive remixes to lengthen the audio pleasure.

Original mix is closer to our heart, with textures in the focus, while the club mix teasing our legs, with a stonger approach in the rhythm section. Andy Weed has a carefully built trademark of sound, this remarkable, emotional flow comes throught the conception he dreamed for ‘Clear & True’. The slow progression really put us into the swing, after a well-designes breakdown, with the impact of nature in our ears we continue the journey. Stanisha lift the whole track into his multicolor world of art, unexecptional technical moves, mixed with the main melody elements and one word that means the common ground between the puzzle pieces: soul.

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