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Yuriy From Russia – Chase EP (Crossfade Sounds)

Yuriy From Russia has long been one of the most underrated producers in the electronic music underground. Long time progressive house fans will remember his productions as Python from 2006 to 2011 but since he has gone solo Yuriy`s work has really taken on a much more contemporary sound. Appearances on System Recordings, Movement and Baroque all in the last 3 months have helped propel Yuriy’s name further into the spotlight but to be fair he really deserves so much more recognition that he’s getting. Sound Avenue’s Crossfade Sounds has put out some of our favourite releases this year and they’ve also snapped up Yuriy’s newest EP entitled ‘Chase’. It’s one of the labels best signings this year and it comes at a fitting time as well as the imprint has been a bit quieter than usual over the last few months.

The EP contains 3 tracks and they’re all some of Yuriy’s finest work. The lead track ‘Among The Bubbles’ really showcases Yuriy’s timeless production sensibilities. The hypnotic techno vibes always sound fresh and the combination of unique vocal stabs and funky bass tones really works here. The overall warmth of the records foundation really hits home after the main break and the airy atmospheric conclusion seems like the ideal culmination of all the ideas here. The title track ‘Chase’ begins with a soft atmospheric backdrop and a warm, funky foundation. It’s a much deeper sounding piece in comparison to ‘Among The Bubbles’ and it’s nice to see a cool contrast between the two. It’s hard to accurately put into words but Yuriy has this way of creating music that is very smooth but at the same time there is a warm exhilarating vibe about it which is quite rare given how deep and demure his productions are. ‘Chase’ really fits that description; the well programmed rhythms and perfectly processed tones are just magic together and it’s something that you just want to keep listening to endlessly. The EP concludes with ‘Drifting Charm’ which is perhaps the most energetic and uptempo piece on the EP. Yuriy’s beefed up the drums considerable here and they sound fabulous with the hook heavy soft stabs and trippy effects which trail endlessly over the framework. It’s like a perfectly constructed blur of hypnotic energy but unlike many of today’s hypno heavy tracks this one actually achieves that without losing the funkiness of the groove. Amazing work from Yuriy. I really have to hand it to label A&R Dominique Heyninck for picking up this exceptional EP. It’s one that sounds great now and is destined to age very well. Highly Recommended.

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